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World of Tanks Supertest 9.22: New USSR Tanks Pictures

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World of Tanks Update 9.22 will be mainly focused on reworking the USSR tech tree, introducing quite a few new vehicles and changes to some branches.

New Heavy Tank Mini Branch

The new heavy tank mini branch will start from the heavy tank IS and it will bring three new vehicles: IS-M, Object 705 and Object 705A.


  • Research Cost: 58,000 XP
  • Cost: 2,550,000 Credits

Tier IX: Object 705

  • Research Cost: 144,900 XP
  • Cost: 3,570,000 Credits

Tier X: Object 705A

  • Research Cost: 162,300 XP
  • Cost: 6,100,000 Credits

New Medium Tank Mini Branch

The new medium tank mini branch will start on the medium tank T-44, branching to the old Tier X Object 430, now down tiered to Tier IX and a brand new Tier X: Object 430U.

  • If players have Object 430 in their garages, they will keep it as a Tier IX vehicle and will receive the new Object 430U for free.
  • If players only have Object 430 researched, they will have Object 430 (Tier IX) and Object 430U researched, meaning they will only have to buy them.

Tier IX: Object 430

  • Research Cost: 142,950 XP
  • Cost: 3,460,000 Credits

Tier X: Object 430U

  • Research Cost: 287,000 XP
  • Cost: 6,100,000 Credits

New Heavy Tank Object 257

A brand new Object 257 (Tier IX) will be introduced in the same place of T-10 (Tier IX), with the second being moved to a new heavy tank mini branch.

  • If players have the T-10 researched, but the IS-7 isn’t researched, Object 257 will be researched with the corresponding modules researched and all accumulated experience will be transferred to Object 257.
  • If IS-7 is researched all experience will remain in T-10.
  • If players have the T-10 in their garages, they will receive Object 257 for free.
  • Research Cost: 142,700 XP
  • Cost: 3,560,000 Credits

New Tank Destroyer Object 268 version IV

Object 268 v4 will replace Object 263 as a Tier X and the second will be down tiered to Tier IX.

  • If players have Object 263 on their garages, they will get Object 268 v4 for free and will keep Object 263 as Tier IX.
  • If players have SU-122-54 on their garages, it will be replaced by Tier IX Object 263 for free.
  • SU-122-54 will be removed from the game, no plans to re-introduce it for now. Any player who owns a SU-122-54 will see it removed from their garages.
  • Research Cost: 215,300 XP
  • Cost: 6,100,000 Credits

12 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest 9.22: New USSR Tanks Pictures

  1. I still wish WG would stop messimg with the Obj 263 line. Yet to see someone that owns the 263 agree with what WG want to do to it

  2. Helo Harkonnen, If I may ask, can you confirm if I have the T-10 in my garage before the 9.22 comes, after the 9.22 comes will I have both the T-10 and the Obj 257 in the garage? Thank you 🙂

  3. So sell the SU-122-54 before the patch if you have the Obj 263 in garage then?

  4. So, what do you get in case you have the Obj 263 AND the SU-122-54 in your garage? do you get the tier IX Obj 263 and a credit compensation for wg taking away your SU?

  5. You should get a full compensation ,something like 3.5million credits, which is the normal price of the tank. Same thing happened when they made the changes with the light tanks. It is nowhere written though, so take it with a grain of salt.

    I used to like the SU-122-54 and I am hopping it will come back as a campaign reward someday..

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