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World of Tanks Supertest: Tier I Polish Light Tank 4TP Stats

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4TP, otherwise known as PZIn? 140, was a Polish light tank prototype. It was designed by 16 December 1936 by Edward Habich of the Pa?stwowe Zak?ady In?ynieryjne works. A light reconnaissance tank, it was to become a heavier replacement for TK-3 and TKS tankettes in Polish service. In addition to light, manoeuvrable chassis, the tank was to feature a turret with one 20 mm nkm wz. 38 FK autocannon and one Ckm wz. 30 machine gun.

Only a single prototype was built. Extensively tested by the army, it proved a reliable vehicle. However, the army decided that by the time serial production could start, the design would already be outdated, and no serial production followed.


Please Note
The following information is from Supertest and it’s subject to change at any moment before final release.


Hit Points120 (HP)
Hull Armour11 / 8 / 8 (mm)
Turret Armour10 / 8 / 8  (mm)
Penetration45 / 70 / 23 (mm)
55 / 55 / 70 (HP)
Reload Time
4.30 (s)
Rate of Fire
13.95 (r/m)
Damage per Minute767 (HP/m)
Aim Time2.50 (s)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot4.00 (?)
on Turret Traverse0.16 (?)
on Vehicle Move0.28 (?)
on Vehicle Traverse0.28 (?)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing5.60 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving9.80 (?)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing12.60 (?)
Elevation / Depression+15 / -8 (deg)
Turret Traverse Speed35.0 (deg/s)
Chassis Traverse Speed45.0 (deg/s)
Weight / Load Limit4.84 / 6.50 (t)
Engine Power100 (h.p.)
Specific Power
22.60 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed35 / 12 (km/h)
Terrain Resistance0.959 / 1.151 / 2.014 (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)26.30 / 2.63 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%)19.80 / 1.98 (%)
View Range280 (m)
Signal Range300 (m)