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World of Tanks Supertest: 45TP Habich Ci??ki Initial Stats

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Today yet another Polish heavy tank will be released to Supertest: 45TP Habich Ci??ki. The Tier VII vehicle will be the first heavy tank in the Polish branch, it has a gun with high alpha damage and good depression and at the same time, it has a medium tank’s mobility: its specific power-to-weight ratio is 16.5 hp/ton. The average armor won’t allow the tank to play as a regualar heavy, so its likely to play as a support vehicle instead of a frontliner.


Please note these stats are from Supertest and are subject to change. More information published as soon as it’s known.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Supertest: 45TP Habich Ci??ki Initial Stats

  1. Lol, say that to black prince, tiger, tiger p, if you average all tier 7 heavys alpha damage, 320 should be above average alpha damage.

  2. And then there are the IS, IS-2, KV-3, T29, and the KV-122. The Russian tanks all do 390, and the T29 does the same 320 as this thing.

  3. Nice looks , Hope that she fights as good as she looks. As they say “She’s got the Looks that Kill”. Thanks for all the info guys . New to site and Love it. You guys got a Fan for life now.

  4. Don’t you worry! I am sure the bastards at WG will change the stats after a few months to make it even worse for anyone that pay for it.

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