World of Tanks

World of Tanks Summer Sale 2017

Starting from 7 July, you can pick up hugely discounted Premium vehicles in our Summer Sale calendar for the next ten days.

Take advantage of epic deals featuring Tier VIII Premium vehicles at unprecedented 30% off the regular price!

Check out the calendar every day so as to not miss any of these awesome offers! Each day from 07:00 until 06:45 CEST (UTC+2) the day after, another tank will be available in two hot packages, each with a 30% discount.

Please note that the vehicle discounts apply exclusively to the respective Premium Shop offers.


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  1. Sounds great – but is there any inkling will we se anything special, new or rare?

    1. Nope only premium vehicles available in the premium shop. This begs the question. Will 112 be on sale? As it is available in game but not the premium shop.

  2. Shame that we dont see events like this in NA. Just a whole bunch of American tanks in sale…

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