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World of Tanks: Stream of the Year – What awaits in 2021?

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It’s almost time to talk about Wargaming plans for 2021. On December 12th, Wargaming is going to have their yearly stream with the developers and other guests, where they will talk about World of Tanks “Roadmap” for 2021. Of course, these roadmaps are subject to change and somethings might not come, like the Italian Heavy Tanks in 2020, that ended up postponed for 2021.

World of Tanks Stream of the Year

12 December 2020

What aways you at the stream

  • Developer’s speech. World of Tanks developers will talk about changes in-game, new upcoming content and answer questions.
  • Show-match in Steel Hunter mode. Contributors from different regions will battle in a special Steel Hunter mode in platoons!
  • Valuable gifts. For those dedicated viewers, there will be opportunities to win prizes and valuable gifts.