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World of Tanks Stream Giveaway – Strv 81 Sabaton & Matilda IV


Don’t miss out the opportunity to win one Strv 81 Sabaton with a garage slot and the Sabaton Band Crew with 100% Brothers in Arms, or one of the two Matilda IV with garage slot and one Day Premium Account!

How can you win?

  1. Today, September 8, tune in at 22:30 BST (British Summer Time) on my Twitch Channel.
  2. Follow the Channel!
  3. Enjoy the Stream and you will have an opportunity to win!


  • Matilda IV + Garage Slot + 1 Day Premium – Makojinzzz
  • Matilda IV + Garage Slot + 1 Day Premium – cristi20024
  • Strv 81 Primo Victoria + Garage Slot – rakabay
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