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World of Tanks: Special Missions to Earn Exclusive Customisation!

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Update 1.11.1 will arrive next week and to get you into the mood of grinding the new Italian heavy branch, a special set of missions have been prepared for Random Battles and Team Clash 2021!

These missions will become available when Update 1.11.1 goes live and will reward you with four customization collections inspired by the legendary legionaries of Ancient Rome.

There will be four sets of battle missions, one for each of the four brand-new tanks, all of which can also be completed with just the Rinoceronte or the Bisonte C45, a Tier VIII Premium tank. Each set of missions rewards you with a collection of unique Roman-themed customization elements consisting of an emblem, inscription, and a decal. In addition, you can earn the gorgeous “Testudo Formation” 2D style (This style is only applicable only to all Italian vehicles) outfitted with Roman legionary shields, by completing the Rinoceronte mission.

A fifth customization collection will also be available, exclusive to Twitch Drops, more information soon.