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World of Tanks: Soul Hunter – Multi-Turreted Tanks & CO-OP Testing?

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World of Tanks Soul Hunter event might be an opportunity for Wargaming to test multi-turreted tanks in the game. With the event files leaked to the SEA server, players started to data-mine for information and found a couple of new vehicles: FCM F1 and Char 2C.


These two tanks will be controllable by players, who will have to fight a massive tank: Leviathan.


FCM F1 on the left, Leviathan in the middle and Char 2C on the right.


It wouldn’t be the first time Wargaming tests a new mechanism in-game during an event, for those unaware, Wargaming tested a convoy mechanism/game mode in World of Warships on last years Halloween event and later implemented this new mechanism/mode for CO-OP Campaigns.

Therefore it wouldn’t be a surprise if Wargaming uses the Halloween event to test multi-turret mechanism and CO-OP Campaign for World of Tanks, and if successful, implement it in the future.

Players will be able to control one of the two tanks, and according to the source, the ones with a blue gun are the ones the player will control and the other ones will be controlled by bots (minions).


When it comes to Leviathan, this will be a monster of a tank, with eleven guns located in the hull: two in the rear, one at the front and four on each side, plus what appears to be a massive main gun on its turret.

World of Tanks Soul Hunter event promises to be a nice event to look forward to. More details as soon as they are known.

Source: Thanks to Fett713 for data mining & avalon304 for sharing on Reddit.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Soul Hunter – Multi-Turreted Tanks & CO-OP Testing?

  1. I was wondering what they were going to do with the french super heavies, It was looking to be another Jap superheavy line for a while, I think that is what made them back down. If they make them into a “multi-gun” line that would be awesome.

  2. Expecting a tier 2~3 vehicle battle, but looking at Leviathan size compare to the player tanks, Well this gonna be a HUGE matchmaking issue LOL

  3. Matchmaking? You can only play with the FCM F1 or FMC 2C against the Leviathan in a special mode. There is no normal matchmaking here 😀

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