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World of Tanks Small Q&A with Developer

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to Chigrizund for sharing this, he had a small Q&A with _I_F_ a Wargaming Developer and he translated it and shared it on Reddit.

Source: World of Tanks Reddit

Q: Why aren’t you giving free Tier-9 LT to current WZ-132 owners?

A: Because WZ-132 will remain at Tier-8, since it is too weak and can’t be buffed to tier 9.

Developer’s comment: Our decision to retain the 152 mm gun on T49 is another illustration that players’ opinions have a key influence on game development

Q: If players’ opinion does indeed have a key influence on game development, can you please show me where you asked for players’ opinion re: XP on LT8/9?

A: There is no such thing as too much freebies. No survey was needed in this case [Chigrizund: so as to find out what the players preferences would be, I guess]

Q: Wait a second, where do you see freebies here? The XP on LT-8s was accumulated fairly, in full compliance with your game rules, in tier 9-10-11 battles. Why all of a sudden after the new patch these XP points will be treated as if they had been accumulated in tier 8-9-10 battles? What is the reason for this devaluation of XP?

A: These XP points were accumulated in current realities. The realities will change, so will the tanks.

Q: This does not make sense, can you explain this to me, like I am a third-grader? Besides, this XP had been accumulated in tanks that were, according to your own words, too weak for tier 9 battles? People were playing these unbuffable tanks and now you call them moochers? [Chigrizund: in Russian “freebie” and “moocher” share the same root – ?????? and ???????? and this part made more sense in Russian]. Are you that full of yourselves there?

A: Let me explain: the new LT-10 should be earned in the new realities, where there is new MM and the LT tech trees are updated and where the LTs are no longer support tanks, but full-fledged combat units.

Q: Hold on, how come WG, when it came to uptiering tanks in the past (KV-3, BatChat25t, SPGs), was very fair to its players, with the exception of a couple of uncharacteristic brainfades?

A: We are being very fair: a free tier 9 LT is, in my opinion, a very good bonus.

Q: So wait, do the players have or have not key influence over game development? Have you ever asked for players’ opinion or given them any choice for you to be able to claim that your solution is fair? Tanks cost silver, XP points cost gold – there is a fundamental difference. Your decision re: XP points on LT8/9s, if we cast aside all the silly arguments, is motivated by greed, nothing else. It does not relate to game balance, where developers can and should, occasionally, disregard players’ opinions. It is directly related to your desire to squeeze more cash. Perhaps you should acknowledge that and stop your spin about players’ opinion being important?

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  1. A nice question braker…any moore ****** answers from wg about the xp remaining on tier 8 and tank and crew going to tier 9?….maybe o want my crew to stay also on tier 8…why xp can and crew not?

  2. Are there any plans to update the British line of Light Tanks ? Since you did the Chinese, I would like to see the British updated to Tier 10 as well.

  3. was there an answer to the last question/slap this guy was very aggressive in his questions….love that good for him !

    hope hes not found in a dumpster in Rusia or something like that :))

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