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World of Tanks – Slava & Murazor Q&A

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of content, but I’ve been quite busy with work/private life and didn’t have time to post anything. Moving on, here’s the latest Q&A with Slava and Murazor.

Source: WOT-news & StatusReport

Vspishka made a video about 112 in 9.15. Didn’t farm, didn’t kill all. Question: what did he do wrong? Vyacheslav Makarov: The answer is: he didn’t wait for 9.16, where it will buffed.

-The devs had some troubles with the second branch of French HTs but they say it’s worth the wait.

-There is the possibility of adjustments to the aiming system, though there are many nuances that affect those decisions. If a line begins to fall behind, they can always increase accuracy and reduce spread.”
-“Interesting, punishing developers for the failed Convoy mode. The map was fun but racing around schizophrenics got depressing.” V: -“Do not confuse the Event with the new regime.”

-Did you got rid of the interface bonuses for Exteriors? Its been nearly a year since they were first introduced. -”First I need to get to it. :)”

-Roaming has been permanently shelved.

– Will there be cooperation with the GUP, as in WoT Blitz, things models of tanks, or camouflage? -For the Asian cluster possibly.

-There will be Polish tanks in the game but a complete branch/tech tree is not assured.

-Do you have any plans to bring players to low tier battles? The average queue time is 1 minute in prime hours.  -”We have a solution.”

-After player gives the idea of adding the Convoy mode map into low tier Random battles: -”It’s a good idea, the map is useful but it needs to be modified for randoms.”

-The devs will be testing different SPG rebalance concepts.

-”Planning to do anything about the T34 and Lowe?” -”T34 no, Lowe yes.”

-None of the current tier 8 LTs will become a tier 10.

-RU Players are happy with the confirmation that tier 10 LTs will also have paper armor.

-“The devs have a new machine in mind for a Tier X French light tank. The Bat-Chat will stay a medium where it is.”

-“The devs want to make Tier 10 light tanks as pure light tanks and not neutered mediums with high pen guns. They hope to make them something completely different.”

Murazor: -”IS-5 only has good statistics because those who play it are good.”  RG: Bullshit.

-”Developers are not required to play good, they only need brain.”

–When will HD maps arrive? They were promised this year, so will they be on time? Or did something go wrong?

-M: Well, maps are more difficult to alter than vehicles. Then there is always the question of performance.

-(Regarding performance issues with HD maps) Add in texture options in the settings. Is that too difficult? -M: Ahaha, well that’s really easy. (sarcasm)

-Murazor, how long will you continue to introduce overbuffed premium vehicles? The Scorpion G dominates random battles, and soon the 112 will be as armored as the IS-6. –M: We only discuss the objective statistics, things like vehicle damage, XP, the numbers of vehicles played,and not private opinions. Scorpion turned out to be a good tank with its strengths and weaknesses. It’s not bad and fun to play. Playing against the Scorpion, its easily killed, isn’t too fast, and lights up like a Christmas tree. It can be killed by Tier 6 tanks.

Good players bend it, bad players don’t or bend for a few minutes comfortably.

If it performed any worse you’d be here writing how we made a bad premium.

-Will you add a Tier 8 drum autoloader premium? (Lor 40t, for example) M: Does your ass have a crack?

-Who thought to disable chat? The worst idea to come up. -V: My idea. We’ll see how it works out. If it’s bad, we roll back, but I don’t think we’ll need to.

-What year is planned to close the project? V: So far there is no such plan.

-The question is: Will Strongholds evolve in any way? V: We have design solutions for Strongholds. I found that I don’t like them in their current form.

-Why do you disable chat between teams in 9.16. The problem is the players, not the system. -V: The chat of (mother haters) is not a necessary function.

-”Spirited” correspondence with the enemies is quite a frequent phenomenon. But how do the developers know? -V: Well, we have the chat logs

-Devs have plans for game mods for just Tier 10 tanks.

-The devs have worked on a prototype of the after death camera (changing cameras through the alphabetical order).

-T67 is imbalanced and there’s no arguing it needs a nerf.

-What would you add to tanks if there were not any restrictions on the engine (Bigworld)? -V: A crate of vodka and all back
– Are other people doing the HD models on Consoles? -V: Yes

– What are the future plans for the development of tanks? Let me explain: it is not about minor changes or introduction of new tanks / maps / modes / etc. The question is whether something is planned for more extensive development? What about the so-called WoT 2.0? -V: Planned

-I don’t want to ask anything. Warplanes are dead. Ships is dead. Tanks is convulsing. -V: They’re not dead
-Devs are satisfied with the KV-5 stats after its changes

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