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World of Tanks Sandbox: HD Maps Exclusive Video Preview

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By now you all must know what was my trip to Minsk all about: HD Maps. Yes, me and other CC’s were invited to Wargaming Minsk office, so we could have an exclusive preview, play and test of HD maps. I’ve managed to get my own video recorded, but due to the fact I had to travel to Portugal on Saturday, I only had time to do one video.

Still, you can get an idea of how the game will look like once HD maps are introduced. I’ll soon publish more information about them.

World of Tanks HD Maps Loading Screens

7 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox: HD Maps Exclusive Video Preview

    1. I’ve recorded that video on my 5 year old PC, with an i7, 16GB RAM and an AMD HD 7970 with 3GB. So anything “similar” would run the game without any problems on what they now call Ultra Settings.

    2. that’s great news, tomorrow I will also test it on my laptop with GTX 650M to see how it will be with low end systems xD

    1. Hopefully nothing! The game will stay the same for SD client, just “new maps” but with low graphics. I’ve tested in a few low spec machines and the game runs alright, one of them runs better than before.

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