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World of Tanks Sandbox: HD Maps 4K Pictures

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Sandbox Server openned yesterday and players with high end machines are going crazy with the new graphics. Thanks to Lobomau for sharing these pictures with us, he took the a few pictures in 4K of a couple of new maps.

For anyone with a high end machine, a new graphic setting will be available: Ultra. Because Maximum is not enough, Ultra will make the game look even better. For those with low spec machines, fear not, you will be able to run the game as per normal and in most cases even better than before.

If you don’t have access to the Sandbox, enjoy these pictures and keep tuned because I’ll be sharing more pictures and videos of the new HD maps.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Sandbox: HD Maps 4K Pictures

  1. I’m using the same setting as before (everything to the max with motion blurr off and gr*** removed in sniper) and my FPS feels more stable than on the live server.
    It’s freaking amazing how they’ve managed to make this game look 1000x better while not obliterating your PC.
    On top of that we also have to keep in mind that performance will only go up from this point onwards since they can really focus on optimisation and bug fixing now with all the feedback they get.

  2. While I love new graphics, when I read “Ultra. Because Maximum is not enough, Ultra will make the game look even better” I just can not stand not mentioning “MEGA” as next tier – and dont read it with Unreal Tournament voice like I did in my mind.

  3. I believe they stated on the Sandbox Forum that they will be renaming “Maximum” to something else to better reflect the new Ultra settings

  4. if you guys have “Maximum” graphics settings you can still improve Texture quality one level and increase Flora Density one level.

    Don’t forget to activate the Extra Physics Effects option to have objects like bales, bricks and logs bouncing on your tank.

    Example clip which physics on:


  5. Loads of other games have “Maximum” and then “Ultra”. WG did tell us that they are thinking on renaming, but they aren’t sure.

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