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World of Tanks: Ranked Battles Season 3

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The closing Season of Ranked Battles 2020–2021 will take place in World of Tanks from March 22 through April 12, and it will bring the Škoda T 45 heavy tank as announced earlier today for 12,500 Bonds minimum!

Starting this Season, you’ll be able to earn Battle Pass Points when fighting in Ranked Battles. The number of Points earned will depend on your position in your team’s post-battle ranking by XP earned. Even if your team lost or drew, you can still receive Battle Pass Progression Points.

Top 3 by XP earned75
Top 10 by XP earned53

Meet the brand-new Škoda T 45, the first-ever Czechoslovakian heavy! You’ll be able to purchase this unique vehicle when you reach the Second Division.

NEW! Škoda T 4512,500
Kampfpanzer 50 t20,000
The exclusive Aquilifer 3D style for the Progetto M40 mod. 6510,000
The exclusive Blunt-Nosed Viper 3D style for the T-100 LT10,000

As you advance along the progression and complete the required conditions, you can get up to a 60% discount on Ranked Battles items for bonds. Each condition can be completed just once during the Season.

The Annual Reward you’re currently entitled to will be shown in your Garage. It will be credited to your account automatically within 2 weeks of the completion of Season 3. Just log in to the game to grab it. Any remaining Rank Tokens will be converted to bonds at the following rate:

1 Rank Token = 500 bonds

Compensation will also occur automatically within two weeks of the end of Season 3.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Ranked Battles Season 3

  1. Hi! If i join only season 3.. And have bronze. How many token i have in total in this season with bronze? Can i get the concept 1b? Thanks in advance.

  2. You got 4 this season, so unfortunately not enough for the Concept 1B! You can see what you will get in-game. Just go to Awards, Annual Rewards and you will see them there. 4 Token will get you the Small Reward using 3 of them and one token will be converted into 500 Bonds.

  3. HI!

    When will we get the Concept 1B? Do you have some info about that? Thank you for your answer!

  4. It was announced in the official article that it can take up to two weeks.

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