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World of Tanks – Ranked 5th by Top Grossing Titles

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Hello everyone,

I know that a lot of people think World of Tanks is dying and not doing well… The truth is quite the opposite, and World of Tanks ranked fifth again on Worldwide Top Grossing Titles, in front of games like Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Overwatch. The information was shared by SuperData Arcade, a company that monitors and studies the video games market.

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It’ seems Seb Serb might be getting is Moon Base after all and that World of Tanks is going, I would say, pretty well for a game that is supposed to be dying off…

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Ranked 5th by Top Grossing Titles

  1. no. we just have a pretty decent group of older players that are getting bored of the game after playing it for several years.

  2. the most disappointing thing about WoT is that players’ skill and dedication to an action and team oriented gameplay have been fading so drastically over the years. I could probably live a few more years with a neverchanging tank game, but this playerbase is currently making it difficult to enjoy.

  3. This actually makes me more sad than if it was indeed doing badly. Cause this basically means WG is ruining the game balance by selling all those OP premiums (Way more important to me than the following) and have unnecesarry money grabs (Garage/barracks slots, vehicle mastery training) while they are making mountains of cash.

    This makes me feel they truly do not care for the game, just for the money it makes them and of course I understand they need money to make the game and all that, but look at so many other free 2 play games that are doing fine without doing that stuff, but you know I guess that is the difference between having a p***ion for money or for (your) games…

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