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World of Tanks – -New Chinese Tank Destroyers – Updated

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Update #1

Got an update, it seems Anton ‘Evilly’ Pankov has confirmed these will be an exclusive for the Chinese Server. Other Regions won’t receive these vehicles.

Warning: Please be aware this information might be a hoax from Chinese sources. There isn’t a way of confirming the information is real, accurate or when any of these vehicles, if ever, will be implemented in the game.

Hello everyone,

Two new Chinese Tank Destroyers have been shown during a special event with KongZhong, company represents Wargaming on the Chinese market. Developers of that region have presented these two new Chinese tanks, together with news they would implement a Chinese Tank Destroyer line by October this year.

According to them, the models will be ready by April and available to the Supertest Team and all the available information has been already passed on to Wargaming.

Now, let’s all take this information very carefully, because KongZhong has released false information before. There were rumors of a Chinese Tank Destroyer line before and even other tanks, that turned out to be fake.

According to some sources, Wargaming has data on other Chinese tanks collected back in 2015, but these tanks don’t seem to be a priority to Wargaming because they are not that popular on other Servers.

Source: WOT Express VK

WZ 120 FT – Chinese Tank Destroyer

WZ 120 1G FT – Chinese Tank Destroyer

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  1. WOT Express and WOT Leaks are the two main sources I use 😉 And I didn’t mention “other sources”, but “according to some sources”, meaning these I’ve just mentioned too 🙂 Chinese tanks have been “shared” before and turned out to be a fabrication from, at one point, the Chinese company Wargaming uses to manage their games in the China.

  2. What bull****! Then again they might be OP and broken like everything the chinese server puts in. like 1000000% credits and XP premiums.

  3. Well i need something to grind down soon for the Chinese tree because I want to lines to go down instead of doing and expensive run to tier 6 just to get both tanks.

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