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World of Tanks Q&A with Falathi – 08/05/2017

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Hello everyone,

Small Q&A with Falathi, Wargaming Polish CM. Not much that we already don’t know, but still worth sharing.


  • Wargaming has plans to introduce wheeled vehicles in the future. First prototype was already introduced during the Convoy Mode.
  • Development of new maps is not a priority at the moment and have been suspended for the moment. For now the whole team is working on bringing HD maps as fast as possible.
  • Work on Historical Mode has been suspended for now, the team is focusing on the development of the new Frontline Mode.
  • No comments on ST-II, no information can’t be disclosured.
  • First 30vs30 mode test has been proven successful, next step will be to refine it based on players feedback and testing in the Sandbox.
  • Update 9.18 changes proved to be correct, currently data is being collected and minor fixes might be introduced in the future.
  • Wargaming has plans to introduce a number of nations to the game, and the introduction of a Polish Tech Tree is very high.
  • HD Maps have a high priority, there is no timetable for their introduction but they will certainly come a lot faster than HD Tanks.
  • EU3 Server is not necessary, the problem is in the infrastructure.
  • Special Offers on servers are set individually and depend on, among other things, the popularity of tanks. Generally they sought to unify the events, but each server has its policy and characteristics, for example the different purchasing power of consumer.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Q&A with Falathi – 08/05/2017

  1. Now im hoping to see the Puma, or the various AT-gun armed Hanomag’s make it in game….

  2. Instead of EU3 server, they need to introduce a polish-chz server, so all the cheaters can fight amongst them

  3. No new maps… WG is wasting time on giving us the same old maps in fancier clothing -_-

  4. Why waste time on new maps, if they are all getting reworked? Makes sense to convert all current maps into HD and them start building new maps straight away in HD… At least from a Manager point of view, I would do the same.

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