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World of Tanks Q&A with DelhRoh

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to our good friends from Reporte De Batalla for doing and translating this Q&A with DelhRoh. If you speak Spanish, don’t forget to check them out.

Source: Reporte De Batalla

Q: What about compensations when the Tier X Light Tanks are introduced? For instance, if we have a Tier VIII Light Tank, will we get the new Tier X and unlock automatically the previous vehicles? Or we’ll just get the new Tier VIII?

A: If you have Tier VIII tank already researched and it is moved to tier IX, you will get the same tank on Tier IX, but the experience are attached to the Tier of vehicle, not the tank. We know about the concerns about grinded experience, but you will get Tier higher tank without need to grind it.

Q: You’ve announced that the new matchmaker will bring limitations, like the three artillery per team limit. You’ve tried limiting this type of vehicle in the past and it didn’t work so well… What’s different this time?

A: The main difference is in overall changes to SPG. We believe that together with it and a new role of SPG (support role), this limitation should help. These changes are still under review and we are recently testing them on our Public Test servers. We will have more data after the test finishes.

Q: What’s the average time to carry out an investigation regarding a possible cheater or a player who’s using illegal mods?

A: Unfortunately, we can’t share this information to prevent players using illegal mods to figure out the testing periods.

Q: Murazor gave some details about the upcoming changes to the IS-4 line. Are you trying to make it more consistent like you did with the Maus line?

A: Changes to IS-4 line (switching IS-4 for ST-1) are initially because we want to introduce new game mechanics. Unfortunately, we cannot share more info about them yet.

Q: Recently, you’ve introduced the Defender. Is that the last of the Hero Tanks? Or we can expect more of them?

A: Unfortunately, for now, we cannot share more information about upcoming premium tanks. The most recent one will be Lorraine 40t, but so far we do not have any plans for more “Hero Tanks”.

Q: What about WoWs and WoWp for Xbox/PS4?

A: We were looking into these options, but we have no such plans for now.

Q:  Any plans to make events concerning the three games? For example, if you complete a series of missions in each game you’ll get rewards for all of them.

A: We have no such plans for now. But it sounds as good idea.

Q: Are you going to nerf the Maus? Murazor stated that it’s a bit overpowered now…

A: We have to collect the data first and then we can make decisions, we have no clear plan to nerf the Maus in upcoming patches.

Q: Do you consider that the new mechanics for the Swedish vehicles were implemented successfully?

A: We know the Swedish tank mechanics are different and might be really hard to get used to them for lots of players. They have been introduced very recently so we should need more data in order to change the mechanics. But for now we consider them as successful.

Q: Many players argue that the easiest solution for illegal mods is prohibiting all type of mods by removing the possibility to modify the client. What do you think about it?

A: The thing is, removing the option of modifying the game is not final solution for this issue. Lots of illegal mods are 3rd party programs working outside of the game client (they are not just copy-pasted into Res_mods folder). We are working really hard in order to remove all illegal mods from our game, but we know this is long way to go for us. We already banned over 10,000 players in our recent ban waves and we are planning to continue.

Q: You’ve recently added some premiums tanks into the game that may be now purchased with gold. Are you keep on doing that?

A: Yes, we will. Most recent tank to appear in in-game shop will be Strv S1.

Q: Evilly said that the leKpz M41 90mm GF will be stay like it is now regardless the introduction of the Tier X Light Tanks. Won’t that make it OP?

A: The tank is comparable to the other Tier VIII light tanks in the regular tech tree.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Q&A with DelhRoh

  1. 3 questions for the Devs. 1) when do we get to see the Italian tank branch. 2) when do we get to see more maps (either old ones come back after rework or new ones ). 3) why don’t we have Tier 7 or 8 premium SPG tanks in all the different lines ?

  2. 1) not soon. 2)maybe after HD rework 3) because we’re not wot console and we don’t just repurpose vehicles from te tech tree or invent new ones *cough*lies*cough*

  3. I am currently grinding the american T49 to get to the T57 heavy.
    T49->T54E1->T57 Heavy
    in the tech tree for 9.18 , that path is gone ,
    So I will have to go back to a tier 7 , T71 , and grind AGAIN !

    this is unfair

    Will I be able to log a ticket to have all the XP put onto the new tier8 , T69 ?

    all the hard work and grinding will be lost ?

  4. all a bit confusing.
    if the xp stays in the tier , ie tier8 , and the T49 moves to tier9 , then all the xp from the T49 fall onto the Bulldog ???
    and the T49 goes to tier9 with no xp – ( this is the way I read it.)

    or will I get the T69 with all the xp from the T49 ?
    would be useless if it all goes to the Bulldog as the Bulldog is fully researched already.

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