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World of Tanks Q&A with DelhRoh #2

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Hello everyone,

Big thanks to our good friends from Reporte De Batalla for translating and sharing this information with us. Another small Q&A with DelhRoh from Wargaming Europe Spain.

Source: Reporte de Batalla

Q: We know that in the 9.18 Update crews will move with the tanks. “Fully-trained crews will be transferred back to the Barracks and re-trained to 100% for a new Tier.” But what happens if we don’t have enough bunks in our Barracks?

A: Crew will be moved to Barracks anyway.

Q: Taking into account the changes in penetration and the loss of HEAT/AP shells for the SPGs, why the 105 leFH18B2 and the Sexton didn’t change their parameters? Is it just because of the WG policy that prohibits to nerf premium vehicles (well, at least without a proper compensation)? Or there’s another reason? In any case, won’t that make them a bit OP?

A: We didn’t want to make any changes to premium vehicles.

Q: Do you perceive that the Stun mechanic is well-accepted in the forums?

A: This question is really hard to answer. Feedback from players is mixed, some players appreciate the SPG changes some not. From feedback of NA server, we found out that feedback changed to positive after couple days of update being live. Gameplay of SPG is now more enjoyable for SPG players and it’s less harming for players on the other side.

Q: Don’t you think you over-nerfed the AMX ELC bis? Same goes for the SP I C.

A: You have to take in count that the light tanks can be now the top tiers. Compared to old stats yes, they might seem over-nerfed, but due to all changes their performance should be in balance.

Q: I know it’s too early to tell anything like this, but would you consider eliminating the SPGs from the game if the new mechanics and limitations prove to fail?

A: We can never say never. But for now, we are not thinking about removing the SPG from the game.

Q: Aren’t you afraid that the players will start to camp even more with the new mechanics for the artillery?

A: No. The damage factor was always the biggest part of “fear factor” of SPG. Now you can easily get back into the battle after getting hit by SPG due to lower damage and reusable consumables.

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  1. “A: We didn’t want to make any changes to premium vehicles.”

    This is a good policy. Don’t mess with premiums unless bringing them up to par.


    Which means I’ll finally have to unlock my first tier 10 after 10k battles.

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