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World of Tanks Q&A with Anton & Slava at Tanker’s Day 2017

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September 10th was Tanker’s Day and Wargaming was present on the celebrations. During the event, Anton Pankov and Slava Makarov awnsered a few questions. There isn’t a lot of new information, but there are a few new details that confirms what to expect in the near future.

Source: WOT Express


Anton Pankov – World of Tanks Executive Producer

  • Poland is one of the most active Nations playing World of Tanks. There are more Polish players (2,900,000) than Belarusians (2,000,000).
  • There is increasing interest in the game from the Chinese, and the Germans like to collect more tanks – German players have the rarest tanks.
  • There are plans for Special Crews to be introduced. Anton Pankov doesn’t dismiss the possibility of a Belarusian crew.
  • e-Sports don’t bring any profits to Wargaming. Development of tournaments for players over the age 30-40 threshold is underway, the so called unprofessional league.


Slava Makarov – World of Tanks Product Director

  • The trade-in mechanism was planned to be inclueded in the game launch, seven years ago.
  • There are plans to change the User Interface, from new elements to restructuring old ones.
  • Personal Mission User Interface isn’t perfect but it will be fixed soon.
  • HD Maps will be tested on Sandbox very soon. Wargaming is currently trying to optimize as much as possible.
  • Wargaming treats Clan Wars very seriously and will rectify any previous mistakes.
  • Wargaming stopped unfinished content and modes from being implemented. Implementation of new content is a lot more thorough and things are done carefully, this is the reason why Wargaming uses Sandbox to test new ideas.
  • Italian tanks will have to be implemented in the game, and the branch will feature just Italian tanks, even post-war. No ETA for now.
  • ATGM vehicles won’t probably be implemented on regular battles. Maybe in some special modes, like in World of Tanks Blitz.
  • Balance department has undergone personnel changes, especially higher positions.
  • Rebalancing old premium tanks can be very difficult. If something is changed, it will create discontent with some players, or other players will still think it hasn’t improved enough. Slava is currently waiting horrified for the moment Wargaming decides to change the KV-5, whose rebalancing is regularly postponed.
  • The new 2D customisation system might be coming to test on Sandbox soon if work goes well, as there is already a working technical prototype. Players will be able to change colours, size of the spots, etc. This mechanism requires huge improvements on the interface.
  • 3D customization is in fact a brand new interface. Wargaming is currently working on it too.
  • New customization system looks good and it will give players a lot of settings to customize how their tanks are painted externally. Players won’t be able to paint tanks pink of course, despite the historicity of an IS-2 painted pink.
  • Wargaming is already working on a brand new New Year event.
  • Sergey Burkatovskiy was indignant about special matchmaking tanks, and now it’s clear it was a mistake. There are some problems with individual preferential tanks and Wargaming is preparing to rebalance them. There is the possibility that nothing will work on some tanks, in those cases, Wargaming is ready to offer a buy-back option.
  • Sooner or later there will be wheeled vehicles added into the game. But, there is a lot of work before they can be introduced, mostly physics.
  • There enough historical wheeled vehicles to introduce them as a light branch up to Tier X. They won’t be introduced any time soon.
  • A feature to hide your stats should be introduced, but there are a number of nuances that makes this very complicated. Wargaming is thinking that this might be among the allowed mods. But this will only happen once the client is shut down for mods, which is being taken care off.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Q&A with Anton & Slava at Tanker’s Day 2017

  1. More details and information as I expected after your intoduction 😀
    I am on tenterhooks to see old premium tank rebalances. Some of them are complete waste right now. KV-5 and IS-6 are the worst, but T34 should see some light as well. It’s presence was far superior when it was released, than it is now. Gun mantlet, penetration, and alpha damage is fine, but it’s mobility, turret traverse, DPM and accuracy is just a joke. If you compare it to the Defender, it has worse armor, worse mobility (because of terrain resistance and hp/tons), worse alpha, less DPM, and only better penetration. Both are regular MM tanks, so no question something is wrong here. It should see a rebalance like the Löwe did, which is a pretty nice vehicle now. I think the Löwe is better after these buffs, than it used to be at the time of it’s release.

  2. “the so called unprofessional league”
    That sounds a bit condescending, doesn’t it?

    “some special modes, like in World of Tanks Blitz”
    Does WG consider a separate game like this a ‘special game mode’?

    “despite the historicity of an IS-2 painted pink”
    Dear god no. That was not pink paint, that was just primer on an unfinished tank. Please don’t give people the wrong idea :P.

  3. Actually, there really is an IS-2 tank painted pink… in Czech Republic (formely part of Czechoslovakia).
    The tank itself was made into a memorial place in late 40’s/early 50’s, representing the first soviet tank in Prague (which was actually a T-34-85, but that got destroyed and Red Army left IS-2 there, instead). It was painted pink by an artist (and fitted with a huge middle finger sign) in 1991 after former Soviet Army left Czechoslovakia. There was quite a drama about the pink paintjob (the tank was viewed by some not just as a symbol of liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945 but also as a symbol of Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968; yet others saw the new paintjob and “equipment” as an insult to the fallen soldiers, and of course, Russians and communists weren’t pleased). The tank (now part of Lešany military museum, but currently temporarily situated in Brno, Czech Republic as a part exhibition about subculture and art in 90’s) for the most part remained pink.

  4. Yeah, I just read about it, from another reply. The tank with the middle finger on it :). Interesting story. I still don’t think I’d actually call that ‘historical’ though :P.

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