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World of Tanks Q&A with Anton Pankov Part II

Second part from Pavel “Amway921? Sukhanov’s published Q&A video with Anton “Evilly”. WOT Express did a transcript with the most relevant information.

  • If all goes well the Third Season of Ranked Battles will start in early 2018.
  • Second Season of Ranked Battles is still a test.
  • Monitoring and improving Ranked Battles will be an ongoing task.
  • Wargaming Wants to develop the idea of bonds and use them everywhere possible, perhaps even to to replace Gold.
  • 30 vs 30 mode will be the “end game” for players playing at Tier X.
  • Wargaming wants to avoid the potentially high numbers of Premium Tier VIII in this mode.
  • Personalization will be divided into two:
    • 2D: camouflages, emblems, colours, unique or regional camouflages, etc. (Chinese server might get more possibilities due to it’s market.)
    • 3D: bags, helmets, grids and chains, etc. All these won’t give players any advantage in the game.
  • Wargaming might introduce an option to disable special camouflages (Similar to World of Warships, where players can disable ARP skins)
  • 2D content is scheduled to be reworked this year, 3D there isn’t a specific date yet.
  • Wargaming is generally satisfied with SPG on Random battles, however SPG was a bad idea in the first Ranked Battles season.
  • Wargaming is currently just focusing on rebalancing high tiers Light Tanks.
  • There are a lot of tank rebalances planned for 2017.
  • Personal missions are likely to be simpler and the reward tanks might also be rebalanced (Object 260)
  • Wargaming deliberately didn’t give players the T-29 gift tank on the 7th World of Tanks birthday. Mainly because they didn’t want to introduce a tank that most players will just sell for silver and a free garage slot.


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  1. “… the reward tanks might also be rebalanced (Object 260)” … nice joke.
    The gun in StuG IV is ok in T5 but near useless in T6, at least you make some credits with it. T28 HTC with 181 pen and without special MM is nowadays a bad joke AND you don´t make good credits.
    So they should start the rebalancing on the bottom and NOT at the top.

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