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World of Tanks Q&A with Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin

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Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin, World of Tanks Global Producer gave an interview yesterday, for Wargaming FM. The following is a digest of the transcript shared by WOT Express.


  • T-62A won’t lose popularity with the Object 140 buff. The first still has better turret armour.
  • Wargaming is aware that T62A and Oject 140 are very similar, just like Obj. 430, Obj. 907 and T-22. The intention is to make all these vehicles different in some way.
  • Wargaming is not keen on changing any Russian Medium tanks, after the players reaction to the BatChat 25t rebalance.
  • Type 59 will receive some changes. They should enter Supertest and be announced next week.
  • Next week several other vehicles should be announced for rebalance on Supertest: M46 and M48 Patton. These vehicles are OK in terms of balance, but are very unpopular because they have many weak spots and their turrets are big. They are missing something and were made obsolete by other medium tanks.
  • Chinese 59-Patton will also be rebalanced.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Q&A with Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin

  1. Cross finger they got the message from the community this time and they won’t. There was no reason after all

  2. The batchat is actually one of the most balanced tanks at tier 10. It has lots of advantages and disadvantages. It can easily fail or succeed and is very skill dependent. Very few tanks are like that.

    On the other hand the Russian meds are broken OP hovercraft tanks firing on the move and hitting every shot at 400m. Mainly the 140 and t62 anyway. They also have insane DPM and excellent turrets. No other med at this tier comes even close to having a great package deal like that.

    The only armour that is even close to the Russians is the e50m upper plate. But the turret front is cheese and the tank has a huge hull which is easily penetrated everywhere else.
    The only med that comes close in gun handling is the m48 Patton which is huge, slow and has no armour.
    The only tank that has close DPM is the stb 1 which has no hull armour, weak turret armour and poor gun handling.

    The only slight weakness they have is the gun depression but in the vast majority of positions and with a half competant driver you can easily angle yourself to get shots. Even if you can’t most other meds would take damage from poking from the same positions anyway because all the other tier 10 meds have ****ty turrets.

    Literally no other tier 10 meds can challenge the 140 or even the t62 for their overall effectiveness. And don’t even get started on the completely broken 907….

  3. I know I’m gonna piss off a lot of people, but I still gotta say it: The Bat Chat changes are good. Players mainly focus on BC losing its 1950hp magazine dmg potential, but they’re missing something else: The huge magazine reload, ammo capacity and gun handling buff. Lowering the magazine reload from ~40s to less than 34s is very good, and since it is a 100mm gun, the ammo capacity will be a lot larger than the 105mm gun it currently has. The ammo of the 105 runs out in 6 magazines. Also, the gun handling will be buff, dispersion from 0.38 to 0.36 and aim time improvements. Finally, the magazine dmg reduction isn’t that big, from 1950 to 1800. There is only a 150hp difference, which I think is acceptable. Or WG can make both these guns available on the BC like the 88mm gun and the 105mm gun on the E50.

  4. Idk, all these rebalancing ideas seems were stupid… bat chat just like any autoloader is broken and toxic, sure there a lot of things wrong with it wich make it kind of balanced, but when you do over 1200 dmg to anyone in copule of sec at start of the game and runaway… i’m pretty sure he will not be happy and say so balanced… also this thing with pattons…. wtf? Why?how? Wtf they are planning to do ffs? I think m47 patton have the best DPM and awesome gun depression and handling, nothing wrong there, maybe gold is lackung since we have OP heavys now, and m48 is just to big and gun is mounted low in turret unlike m47 and you just can’t make it smaller (wich is only problem with it if you ignore cupola)… these new tanks only ruining balance, insted of balancing them at start they judt make some stupid tanks that old tnks look like complete trash (example, all new heavys and superheavys, and then we have is7 wich was fine now is trash)

  5. They arent missing it, theyre realizing that the loss in alpha (both per-shot and for a drum) and the increased exposure time is worse than the “buffs” its getting. Losing alpha pershot, means more chances of leaving a tank on low health rather than killing it. Losing 150hp off the full drum may mean less chances of on clipping tanks (which is already super rare), but also means less chances of being able to save yourself in the late game. The increased exposure time for clipping means more chances of being shot as youre dumping a mag into someone.

    Add that to the fact that if you want to play a 100mm BatChat, just buy the tier 9… it’ll be able the same after these changes. Nobody buys a bat to play with a dinky 100mm gun… they buy it because it has an autoloading 105mm gun and requires skill to play.

  6. Well, of course they aren’t changing any Russian meds, they’ll just make sure any rebalance keeps any other nations below them in capability. That’s easier to do anyway. Maybe they should work on a way to stabilize the server as the packet loss for NA is so erratic even streamers with best internet available are complaining about it.

  7. Yes…0.02 accuracy makes 0 difference lol.

    The gun handling stats are barely better. The time to empty the clip is longer. The damage per shot and per clip is smaller. The penetration is worse. And the potential damage with the full loadout is not even that much higher.

    All in all a m***ive nerf. There is no 2 ways about it. The only way it would be balanced would be if it had TVP style time between shots and gun handling. Then it is capable of using that clip much faster.

    But at it stands it will still have horrible gun handling. When it does hit it will struggle to oenetrate. I can’t fight super heavies from almost any angle except flat sides and rear even with gold ammo. I don’t even mean just Maus and Ryp

  8. Accidental post.


    Type 5. Even heavies like the IS-4 will easily be able to survive a full gold clip without being penetrated more than twice at most.
    When it does penetrate it does tiny damage that’s lower than the tier 8 russian medium the OBJ 416.
    And even after that it has to stay in the open for so long to unload all 6 shells.

  9. i’m not a very good player at all but not that bad: give me a bat chat and any of the russian meds and i will do much better in the russian tanks

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