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World of Tanks Q&A at Gamescom

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Hello everyone,

WOT Express shared the answers from the Developers Q&A at Gamescom 2016. Here’s the translation:

  • One of the main things of which you have to understand, is that Sweden didn’t have an active part in the Second World War. However, if they had the opportunity to defend themselves, they would have made a very high quality armoured vehicles.
  • Strv M/42-57 Alt A.2 – this tank is actually very diverse in its use and can perform different roles, like a scout for example. The tank is well suited to train Swedish crews from the up-coming branch (H: Not really, the line ends in heavy tanks and tank destroyers)
  • At the moment World of Tanks has more than 400 tanks and the development team has focused on the introduction of diversity in the game. A prime example is the introduction of the Swedish Tier X STRV 103, which will bring a number of innovations.
  • What we can say about the new mode? At this time, that we recreated the real map where the events happened in the First World War and we are very proud of it.
  • Also, we are pleased to present the legendary Mark tank, which was designed during the First World War and the incredible fear it provoked to its enemies. We have tried to recreate it with certainty that even the wheels would be on the move, regardless of the terrain.
  • It won’t be possible to play in the tank (it will be controlled by a bot), but player will get a change to prove themselves in combat in armoured combat vehicles with large calibre machine gun on board.
  • For us, as for developers, this will be an opportunity to test the new mechanics, and offer the player a new experience, in particular the time of the First World War.
  • If players like the mode, and wheeled vehicles, there is a change these vehicles will be implemented in the game, but no promises.
  • There will be a special hangar (just like with the WGL Hangar)
  • We really like the national voice for the Swedish tanks.
  • It will be possible to test the new Swedish Premium in Update 9.16
  • The new map Paris will be introduced in 9.16

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