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World of Tanks – Q&A 07/03/17

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Hello everyone,

A digest from the Q&A with Anton ‘Evilly’ Pankov, Executive Publishing Producer, in the Russian LiveJournal. I’ve just complied what I believed to be of most significance for you all, there was a lot of questions related just to the Russian Server.

Source: WOT Express VK

  • T92 Light Tank won’t be introduced to the American Light Tank branch after the T71;
  • Wargaming is currently fixing some issues with the Trade-In feature, no deadlines when it will be available;
  • The minimizing and window mode bug will be fixed as soon as the fix is ready;
  • Next ban wave will come soon;
  • IS-4 will swap places with the ST-I, Murazor will reveal more details later;
  • XM551 Sheridan hull will remain the prototype, but with accessories added to it;
  • There are no plans to introduce a Swedish Medium branch for now;
  • Only one Swedish Centurion is planned to be released, for now;
  • Wargaming is thinking on limiting premium ammo for a tanks layout, but before making such a change, there will be tests on Sandbox;
  • If a feature is tested on Sandbox, then it’s being considered, if it doesn’t, then it’s not;
  • There will soon be a third wave of bans on bots (players who use bot);
  • VK 4503 will be available to buy for gold, but it has been rescheduled for now;
  • There will be changes to personal missions;
  • Wargaming is looking to what’s the cause and a fix for the lag issues.

5 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Q&A 07/03/17

  1. I heard a rumor from Trump that there will a version of the WOT’s game without any “target locked” feature or red highlighting, basically playing “naked”, well that was Trumps word.

  2. Bloody… Why do they have to screw with my IS-4? I love that tank.

  3. “Wargaming is thinking on limiting premium ammo for a tanks layout, but before making such a change, there will be tests on Sandbox;”

    That’s not exactly what they said. One user asked why it wasn’t possible to limit gold ammo and they answered “Because before introducing such a change – we want to test it. If it appears on the sandbox – then it is considered for input. If not, then no.” They never said they were actually considering such a change…

    Also, in my personal opinion, gold ammo really isn’t that much of an issue at the moment. I rarely get hit by it these days. At the moment there are many more important issues.

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