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World of Tanks – Q&A 07/03/17

Hello everyone,

A digest from the Q&A with Anton ‘Evilly’ Pankov, Executive Publishing Producer, in the Russian LiveJournal. I’ve just complied what I believed to be of most significance for you all, there was a lot of questions related just to the Russian Server.

Source: WOT Express VK

  • T92 Light Tank won’t be introduced to the American Light Tank branch after the T71;
  • Wargaming is currently fixing some issues with the Trade-In feature, no deadlines when it will be available;
  • The minimizing and window mode bug will be fixed as soon as the fix is ready;
  • Next ban wave will come soon;
  • IS-4 will swap places with the ST-I, Murazor will reveal more details later;
  • XM551 Sheridan hull will remain the prototype, but with accessories added to it;
  • There are no plans to introduce a Swedish Medium branch for now;
  • Only one Swedish Centurion is planned to be released, for now;
  • Wargaming is thinking on limiting premium ammo for a tanks layout, but before making such a change, there will be tests on Sandbox;
  • If a feature is tested on Sandbox, then it’s being considered, if it doesn’t, then it’s not;
  • There will soon be a third wave of bans on bots (players who use bot);
  • VK 4503 will be available to buy for gold, but it has been rescheduled for now;
  • There will be changes to personal missions;
  • Wargaming is looking to what’s the cause and a fix for the lag issues.
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  1. I heard a rumor from Trump that there will a version of the WOT’s game without any “target locked” feature or red highlighting, basically playing “naked”, well that was Trumps word.

  2. “Wargaming is thinking on limiting premium ammo for a tanks layout, but before making such a change, there will be tests on Sandbox;”

    That’s not exactly what they said. One user asked why it wasn’t possible to limit gold ammo and they answered “Because before introducing such a change – we want to test it. If it appears on the sandbox – then it is considered for input. If not, then no.” They never said they were actually considering such a change…

    Also, in my personal opinion, gold ammo really isn’t that much of an issue at the moment. I rarely get hit by it these days. At the moment there are many more important issues.

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