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World of Tanks: Polish Tanks Information

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While we are still waiting for Update 1.0.1 to bring Italian tanks to World of Tanks, a highly trusted source has sent me some information on the second nation everyone is waiting: Poland. The Polish community is on their toes to get their tanks added to the game, and with Wargaming staff starting to talk about these vehicles, I’m sure we will hear more about them very soon.


Please Note
The following information was leaked by a highly trusted source, but its still subject to change before final release.
  • The 4TP light tank will be introduced as Tier I.
  • Tiers II to IV will be light tanks, showcasing early years in Polish tank building. These tanks were inspired by British designs, like Vickers Mk.E and others.
  • Tier V will introduce medium tanks to the branch.
  • Tier VI and VII are experimental medium tank models.
  • Mid/High Tiers of the tech tree will see designs influenced by German and Soviet tanks, featuring sloped armour.
  • Tiers VIII, IX and X will be composed of heavy paper tanks, more precisely diploma projects.
  • Heavy tanks should be highly dynamic with unique weapons.
  • Polish branch will have a Tier VIII Premium heavy tank, introduced before the released of the branch. This tank is a prototype from early 50’s, no further details for now.

It looks like Wargaming has plans to re-introduce Polish tanks with a Tier VIII Premium tank, just like it did with the Italian branch, but this time we will get a heavy tank. I’ve also been told, the reason why we won’t see tanks used by Poland after WWII, is because they are modified versions of Soviet vehicles and Wargaming wanted to have as many unique vehicles as possible, instead of just introducing more clones.

Overall, I’m really interested and curious to see what Wargaming is bringing to the game, even if we get paper tanks. At least in my own opinion, better to get some different unique paper tanks based on real designs, than just more Soviet clones.

Source: Secret


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Polish Tanks Information

  1. More like 7TP, 10TP, 14TP (aka Polnischer Panzerkampfwagen T-39, which in this form is a fake), 20/25TP aka KSUSt (buffed).
    If you are interested check our site:

    Up to tier V is very historical and logical proposition of vehicles, click on “Description” to get access to some info and gallery (link to imgur).

    I hope, that this is fake news, because WG proposition is very bad (on tier I vehicle which was built in 1937, very fast and well armed… when all tiers I are from 1920-1930).

  2. No fake news here mate! I was surprised to see the 4TP as Tier I… But then again, it’s WG 😀

  3. So many lines do we get in the game? 1 line from T1 to T10 like the Czechs?

  4. Looking at the link; the Renault FT (which Poland had) makes sense at tier 1 and the 7TP at tier 2 due to timeline, but what about the Vickers Mk.E Type A (which would be a tier 2 as Poland had them in early 30s) or the Christie M1928 (or M1931) which were used (along with the Vickers) in the development of the 7TP? If you include the Vickers, because they had them prior to the 7TP, that would push the 7TP to tier 3 which doesn’t work.

  5. hmmm…

    It’s surprising me…

    “…Tiers II to IV will be light tanks, showcasing early years in Polish tank building. These tanks were inspired by British designs, like Vickers Mk.E and others…”

    Does it means also Carden Loyd clones with are TK tankettes goes also above the 4TP ?!?

    Should’t it be:
    TK-S => 4TP => 7TP => 10TP => KSUST => HABICH => … ??

  6. Not Renault FT… but Renault Vickers, polish modernization of the Renault m.26/27

    In our tree polish modernized Vicker Mk.E has polish designation 7T
    It’s on the T II ex aquo with the early 7TP on T II

    Our T III is ancestor of the 7TP the 7TP Reinforced known also as 7TP wz.39 or unofficial 9TP Up armored version of it’s predecessor 7TP.

  7. Probably one line…
    LT => MT => HT

    Maybe can be splited on low tiers I to IV to two branches…

    4TP => 9TP

    TK-S => => BBTBrPanc => KSUST => HABICH – …

    7TP => 10TP

  8. We placed 7T (polish name of ~original Vickers; it has some minor modifications, but also other mods wer planned, like for examle 40 mm gun in new turret – check gallery on our site) as a premium vehicle, because better candidat for tier II is 7TP (as it is with for example T-26). Christie tank was never used by Poles:

    “At the end of the 1920s, the Polish Armed Forces felt that they needed a new tank model. The Military Institute of Engineering Research (Wojskowy Instytut Bada? In?ynierii, WIBI) sent Captain Ruci?ski to the United States to legally acquire a Christie M1928 tank, its blueprint and license. The tank was to be used as a base for a new Polish light tank. The Poles however never received the machine and Christie fearing legal charges, refunded the purchase.
    Due to this failure to purchase the master model and the possible license, at the end of 1930 the WIBI Tank Design Bureau began preliminary design work on their own wheeled/tracked tank, based on the Christie M1928 and Christie M1931 models, known under the working name “A la Christie”. ”

    The work was based on available data and advertising leaflets as well as notes and sketches that Captain Ruci?ski obtained from Christie. The result was 10TP, not 7TP (

    7TP as a tier III is a bit weak, better idea is to use it’s reinfoced version ( It would have better shaped armor (up to 40 mm), more powerful engine etc.

    Also note, that Renault which we propose as a tier I is a modificated version – it has Vickers suspension ( It is still more or less a “clone”, but there are some other canditates, like WB-10 ( or even TKW (, but this tank would need unhistorical guns (for example 13.2 mm Hotchkiss)

  9. Hmmmm…………’unique weapons’ on the higher tiers, you say? Any hints? Will it be a special, never-before-seen mechanic?

  10. I don’t think a new mechanic will be introduce, what its meant to be is: different gun stats. So different damage, etc, to make them more dynamic than the usual 490 damage for example.

  11. Here i am just waiting patiently for the ****wits to fix the IS-4. 4 new russian heavies, a new medium and is-7 buffs later.

  12. The Polish are completely irrelevant in regards to tank history and development. There are so man things to balance and fix in this game – but they gotta waste resources on a Polish and Italian tech tree.

  13. I think its dumb WG would introduce another mixed branch. Having to train another crew for another cl*** of tanks makes the lower tier tanks irrelevant and all the grinding on the Pudel all the more useless. Just split it up into two lines, and introduce more paper tanks. Its not like anyone truly cares. People aren’t gonna stop playing the Obj. 430U just because its not “historically accurate.”

    Better yet, instead of introducing new tanks, you revisit Chinese mediums and get them fixed? Only the tier 7 is good (and even thats subjective). The rest of the line is complete dog**** in the current meta. The 430U, T-54 and T-44 are all totally better versions of the 121, WZ-120 and the T-34-2. Like, F**k WG. Its incredible to think that you have one of the most famous premiums in the game (Type 59) representing the most irrelevant tank line in all of WoT. ****, use the money you got from all the people you baited with the loot boxes and put that into retuning old tanks, not lining Serb’s pocket.

  14. Looking at the forums, there are many, many players screaming for new content (including new tanks). Personally, I would have gone for more maps. The same map rotation becomes stale very quickly, adding just a winter version doesn’t really help that.

  15. It’s quite obvious, they want to create hype and attract new/old players to the game. Or just to turn attention away from all the op tenks and broken mm cause they really dont want to fix them for some reason.
    My guess is after that pr disaster (wg messed with foch for ranting about chrysler gf and wg got alot of backfire) they have to do everything they can to not lose more players. Yet we are here and wg is still kindly asking players to go f*** themselves.

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