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World of Tanks – Overlord Map – Supertest Changes #2

Hello everyone,

More changes have been made to the Overlord Map in the Supertest Server. Here’s what has been changed.

  • Altitude variation of the map. Now it is more convenient to move to another part of the map through the beach, it takes less time.
  • The general alignment of the map is intended to increase the comfort of playing vehicles at greater distances.
  • The center of the map is now more open and swept.
  • Odd objects and flora were removed. This will help to simplify the navigation and orientation during battles.
  • Changed side passes to teams’ bases from the beach side.

Source: World of Tanks VK

  1. Increased beach altitude towards another part of the map for quick passing to the center of the map.
  2. A pass through the center of the beach to another part of the map.
  3. We created points for playing with passive spotting, which will give more diversity when playing Light tanks and tanks with weak armor.
  4. The positions for weakly armored vehicles were added, which will add additional options for playing on the map.
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