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World of Tanks: Object 907 by Xaneleon the Mountain Goat

1 min read

Xaneleon, the Mountain Goat is back with yet another of his great videos. This time with an analysis of one of his own games with Object 907, the infamous Soviet medium tank.

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4 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Object 907 by Xaneleon the Mountain Goat

  1. You meant Xaneleon, the bug exploit goat wich deserves a perma ban from wot.

    1. WG also said the Type 5 was hard to play and the Leopard was already too good to be buffed

    2. just stfu, you are just a jealous you are not able to climb, it brings much more variaty to the game, I see it as an advantage, but than there are those haters like you who cannot climb and look at it as something OP and bullshit, but you can counter almost every fcking climb… everyone is just too fcking dumb to react to it… not the goats problems, but way too many climbs already has been removed so stfu bro, you already got what you wanted…

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