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World of Tanks – Object 252U – Coming at end of February? – Updated

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Hello everyone,

Just a few pictures of Object 252U Soviet Heavy Premium Tank that is upcoming to the game. The first version was called Object 252, but it seems the final version to be released into to the game got the U added in. It’s currently on it’s final stages of testing, so I would expect to see this vehicle ingame “soon”.

Update #1

It seems the tank might be coming to the Premium Shop by the end of February, more precisely 23 February 2017, across all regions. I can’t confirm if this is information is accurate, but will update the article when more information is available.

Source: WOT Leaks VK

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3 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Object 252U – Coming at end of February? – Updated

  1. yeah…maybe version “u” will be for a clan wars reward and version non “u” will be on sale on premium shop….with little differences between them…or viceversa.

    1. Don’t think so. Believe the 252 was the first iteration and it was updated to U, seems the 252 was “removed” and 252U was added. Stats can change over the period the tank is on Supertest.

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