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World of Tanks New Year Free Tank: T-29 – Tier III Soviet Medium Tank

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On what it looks like Wargaming teasing us for whats coming later this December, we can all just assume the New Year free tank for 2018 will be the Soviet medium tank T-29. This tank was hinted it could be coming for Wargaming anniversary, but this year we didn’t get any free garage slot tank, as the game developers think almost everyone would sell the tank, so instead, they decided to stop the six-year tradition, for anniversary and new year events.

Other main reason why this radical decision was made, was supposedly due to the fact the lower tier tanks need to be rebalanced and Wargaming didn’t want to introduce new lower tier tanks that could cause problems.

None the less, we now have a video where the T-29 is the centrepiece and the Holiday Ops banner has a T-29 as a centrepiece too, leaving us to guess the tank will be coming later this year as a free garage slot gift that everyone should consider keeping.


Why should you keep T-29 Medium Tank?

Many of these low tier free tanks are sold by players so they can get a free garage slot. Let’s face it, if you aren’t a collector, why should you want to keep it? So, why is the T-29 different?

If you have a close look at the stats you are going to notice something very interesting: they are good for its Tier. Yes, what it might not look like it, T-29 Medium Tank has very good stats for its Tier, the gun can kill any tank of similar Tier with only two shots, it has enough penetration to deal with almost any Tier IV that might face in the battle, aiming time is good and it’s fast and with decent ground resistances.

While it might not look like a sealclubber, when you compare it with the Gr.Tr. and the Pz. S35 you will see the T-29 potential of becoming the next Tier breaker tank. Unfortunatelly we will have to wait until the New Year to confirm if we get the T-29 and if it’s as good as it looks on paper.

I can’t confirm we will defenitly get the T-29 during the New Year event, but all the hints do make me think we will.




Tier III – Medium Tank – Gift/Premium
Hit Points
Gun 76 mm  L-10A
Shell Type AP / HEAT / HE
Shell Velocity 558 / 446 / 558 m/s
Shell Avg. Penetration 66 / 78 / 38 mm
Shell Avg. Damage 110 / 110 / 164
Shells in Magazine N/A
Reload Time 4.986s
Magazine Reload Time N/A
Rate of Fire 12.033 rounds per minute
Aiming Time 2.21s
Average Damage per Minute 1,323.6
Accuracy 0.527
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -5 / +25
Chassis / Turret Traverse Speed 46 / 35.5 deg/s
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 44.6 / 20 km/h
Terrain Resistance
Hard 0.767
Medium 0.959
Soft 1.822
Hull Armour 30 / 20 / 20 mm
Turret Armour 20 / 20 / 20 mm
Weight / Max Load
28.50t / 30.00 t
Engine Power 500 hp
Specific Power 17.54 hp/t
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 21.1%
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 15.8%
View Range 300 m
Signal Range 312.9 m
Crew Commander, Driver, Gunner, Radio Operator, Radio Operator


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks New Year Free Tank: T-29 – Tier III Soviet Medium Tank

  1. “it has enough penetration to deal with almost any Tier V that might face in the battle” well looks like WG (or who wrote this) forgot that tier 3 tanks does not meet “TIER 5’s” anymore for quite a while now 😛

  2. Never sold any of the gift tanks. They might not be top notch, but can be big fun platooning (think of 2 T7CC or Light MkVIC spraying bullets) or even alone (LTP has great camo value, Type97 Te-Ke is so small you can hide in any bush, Tetrarch has a deadly gun, BT-7A is fast and a good arty or TD hunter/killer etc.) and they are useful to train a new crew (even if you need them for a MT or HT later) and to make a few credits.So why sell them for a stinky 150 gold garage slot?

  3. Oh yeah! Forgot about that! Thanks, I’ve corrected. When I was writing I just looked at the MM values it has, forgot the new MM doesn’t match Tier III agains Tier V 🙂

  4. It looks stronk, but your comparizon with the Gr.Tr. and Pz S35 is somewhat flawed.

    The Gr.Tr. is known to be a turd, easy to do better. And the PzS35 is simply godlike. Even while having the alpha+pen+speed on its side, the S35 will IMO still be superior because of its rounded armor, accurate pew-pew gun, gun depression and stupidly good aimtime.

    Even if this one hits hard, in the end, it is quite boxy and derpy. That said, I own the T-28E, which shares the same kind of characteristics and is simply a Tier 5 under disguise.

  5. so, now imagine the fun derping full HE load in this tank, doing 164dmg with a decent penetration. Something tells me, this is going to be a hell of a tank 🙂

  6. IF you still have a Te-Ke in your garage (a big if), I can highly recommend you playing it with a load of gold ammo and sticking to the back slopes of hills (much like how one plays an AMX CDC). It is ridiculously hard to hit due to it’s small turret and great gun depression, and with gold will pen almost everything it meets (particularly the hard to kill Pz38H and S35). No, you won’t make any money but you will have fun and with luck, break even. Note: no gold loaded = much much less fun.

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