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World of Tanks – New Year Event – More Details

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Hello everyone,

More details have been published about the New Year Event. It’s now confirmed Wargaming will be testing elements to customize the garage and a dynamic Giftbox or Lootbox system.

There will be five different boxes, each one with a different level of rewards: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow. Each box can contain up to three different toys (by toys seems to be these decorations to put into the Christmas Tree) and an additional reward.

Rewards can be Personal Reserves, Consumables, Female Crew Members, Premium Time, Slots and Discounts. Some Easter Eggs seem to suggest Premium Tanks might be awarded too, but no confirmation.

Source: WOT Express VK

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  1. I was hoping for Swedish missions for female crew; need one more lady to complete a high tier Swedish crew.

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