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World of Tanks – New Personal Rating and Hall of Fame

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A new Personal Rating system and Hall of Fame is coming with Update 9.20.1. It’s currently released in beta mode and will replace the current rating in the future.

This was actually leaked about two weeks ago, but now we got official confirmation. What are your thoughts? Looking forward to it? An improvement compared to the current system?

You might find it strange why Wargaming is using the Survival Rate instead of the Win Rate for the new calculation. In my personal opinion, I firmly believe its because Win Rate can be influenced by your team, while Survival Rate is an individual statistic. Using Survival Rate will encourage players to play better as an individual, rather than just relying on their team.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Personal Rating and Hall of Fame

  1. nope, XVM already includes PR if you want to avoid their metrics. The problem of XVM is that before the match you can see the teams and enemies statistics, demoralizing you. Or getting demoralized from various whiners 😛

  2. I feel this new system can easily be influenced by the types of tanks people play.

    A LT getting spotted tends to have a lower survival rate then a Maus thats spotted.

    The stat padding is going to be so real

  3. Survival is almost totally dependent upon your team. If your team sucks them you are probably going to die.

    While this might stop scumbag Sky Cancer commiting suicide continually, people might take fewer risks to get a victory than they do right now.

    Light tanks are going to be especially impacted.

  4. But camping will grant you a higher survivalrate, while playing agressive for your team can get you killed fast….. So this is pretty stupid. Campers will have a higher rating than me, even if I carry my teams and get a higher winrate…..
    But thanks for stating out it will be in 9.20.1, i really wondered when it will come. It even is in the client after all i could see in the video.

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