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World of Tanks: New In-Game Styles

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Two new in-game styles were recently added to the game, Tankman Day and Touchdown will be available for different regions.

Our Russian friends will be able to get the Tankman Day style as a gift if they buy a premium ticket for the event in Minsk and most probably other players will be able to buy it in the Premium Shop.


NFL 99th season starts tomorrow, September 7th and Wargaming has decided to create a unique style for it. No details on how players will be able to get it and it will be just for EU and NA, but while unhistorical the style looks quite different from anything already in the game.


Source: WOT Express

1 thought on “World of Tanks: New In-Game Styles

  1. I see many different camo styles in the RU Prem shop, WHEN will the NA get it…or will we continue to be the red headed step child of WG.

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