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World of Tanks: New Hall of Fame – Beta

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Hall of Fame 0

New Hall of Fame is coming to World of Tanks and will be launched in Beta Mode in order to improve any errors it might have. In the future, it’s planned to replace the current Personal Rating system.

Hall of Fame 2

Only random battles will be used to calculate the new value, and the classification is made of each individual vehicle. The Overall Classification will be calculated taking into account all vehicles.

Hall of Fame 12

To calculate the classification five main parameters are taken into account: Survival Rate, Damage, Damage Blocked, Assists, Frags. For each vehicle, each individual parameter has its own weight depending on what’s is important for it.

For example, using two completely different vehicles, the Bat.-Chat. 25t and the Maus. The French medium tank has almost no armour, so the blocked armour doesn’t count for the calculation. At the same time, this value is 30% for the Maus, meaning the blocked damage value on the German heavy tank, it’s 30% of its general efficacy in a battle.

The classification is very flexible and it will change with each game update, meaning if a vehicle is rebalanced its main parameters will be updated too.

Hall of Fame 7

The Hall of Fame has also been updated to a friendlier, easier version and it’s now divided into two ratings: Random Battle Achievements and Selected Vehicles in Random Battles.

Players will be able to check any classification by month and for more details. A new filter helps players to find any specific player or even a Clan so you can compare to all those players at the same time.

Hall of Fame 10

The new ranking system will be coming in Update 9.20.1 and it’s an attempt to improve a Rating system that never made much sense before. What do you think, do you like these new changes and do you think it could replace other fan-made rating systems?

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  1. Why can’t they just implent and improve the already proven and tested rating of WN8 (or even WN9) that people are used to anyways. Why create a new formula since someone else has done this for them for some years now?

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