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World of Tanks – New Game Mode – Epic Battles

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Hello everyone,

Developers are working on a new game mode called Epic Battles to replace the Domination mode.

According to World of Tanks Info this mode will tested during the next Sandbox phase and should be released this year. It’s very similar to an WoT Blitz mode that includes attack and defense. There are five main capture points and during attack, players have to capture three of the five points to win. If defending, players will have to defend at least three out of five.

Just like in “Domination”, repair zones will be available with a two minute cool down and to unlock these zones, the closest capture point has to be under the player team control. Respawn points will also be available and players can choose any point after they are destroyed. Expect more details soon.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New Game Mode – Epic Battles

  1. Of course T-22 medium for best players in that mode 🙂

  2. I swear if they use this as another t-22 mission set you’re gonna have rigging all over again. No one wants to play a fun mode for fun when there is a serious prize at the end. Just bring domination and this as other battle modes and let people queue in them instead of only queuing up for Randoms.

  3. It will only be good for light tanks. There’s nothing wrong with team destruction. Who wants capture the flag, or domination. It’s not COD. It’s bad enough trying to grind a tank to the next tier, when being slaughtered by a tank two tiers higher. If you must meddle, make it an option in the garage, not random.
    Sort out the cheating first, many seem to have a god mode.

  4. Credit where it’s due, at least they’re trying something new and a mode that allows respawns will appeal to a lot of players who either don’t like or don’t want to play the one-life-and-out random battles.

    I don’t see the logic in damning them for the T-22sr all over again when nothing’s been announced yet. Besides, the T-22sr was nerfed hard enough that they’re rarely seen in randoms now.

  5. If you want to play some Blitz game mode – why not just play Blitz?!
    Pls, just get back to fixing Historical Battles…

  6. Wow, and most of hate Supremacy mode on Blitz. We hoped it would be removed from Blitz the same way Rampage mode was removed from PC.

  7. Awesome. A game mode not dedicated so much to the aggressive players.

    Only problem is it relies on the team not being made up of idiots. Bit of an ask ime.

  8. Please don’t make this a respawn game.
    It will take out the true tactics of the game and make it like the rest of the games out. There’s more adults who play this game and as one of them I don’t believe people will like it
    Thank you

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