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World of Tanks – New French Heavy Branch in the future

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Wargaming has plans to release a new mini-branch of French Heavy tanks, that will differ from the current auto-loader branch.

New French Tank
Tier VIII –  AMX 65t
New French Tank 3
Tier IX – AMX M4 mle. 51

New French Tank 2
Tier X – AMX M4 mle. 54

The plan is to have a second line that will be similar to AMX M4 mle. 49 in playstyle. I believe the mini-branch will start off current Tier VII AMX M4 mle. 45, and these three new Heavy tanks would be introduced. Featuring heavy armour, less mobility and a single shot gun, it would create an alternative line to the existing AMX 50 B branch.


The new branch will feature AMX 65t at Tier VIII, and Tier IX and X what it looks a variation of an AMX M4 hull with a T.C.B. turret. This information needs, of course, to be investigated and confirmed.

No confirmation if these vehicles will actually make it to the game, nor when if they do. I’ll update the article once I have more information.

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – New French Heavy Branch in the future

  1. Well looking at the pictures the models are ready, it would be a shame to waste them. Also Pankov at Tanker’s Day was talking about a new heavy and a TD branch. I think this will be the heavy branch and the Japanese will be the TD one.

  2. yeah it will be a shame, the last 2 tiers looks nice! the t8 thought is going to get the reward of the ugliest in its tier at least 😛

  3. Wow the old AMX M4 49 model (the current amx m4 49 was actually named m4 48 when it was leaked a long time ago and this was amx m4 49. It had the M4 hull and an M103-ish turret aspect. The tier 9 and 10.

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