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World of Tanks: New Customization System Information

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World of Tanks will finally get a completly new customization system, thanks to Amway921WOT, CIS Region Community Contributor for sharing a video with the new info.

Players will now be able to paint their tanks to their hearts content, selecting paint schemes, colours from a huge colour pallet and loads more. The new system will only be available for Tier VIII premium and all Tier X vehicles as a test and later will be extended to all Tiers.

Sources: WOT Express & Amway921WOT
  • Customization system has beem reworked, but only partially. First iteration introduced to the game will be a test. Further development will be added with subquencial updates.
  • Players are able to paint a tank in five different areas: gun, mantlet, hull, turret and chassis.
  • A huge pallett of colours is available for players to use and customize their tanks.
  • Players are able to select different colours/paterns for each individual area.
  • New purchase system is planned, instead of 7 and 30 days, camouflages will be bough for X amount of battles. Permanent camouflage is still available for Gold.
  • Interface to apply Emblems and Inscriptions has also changed.
  • Players are able to add ageing effects to their tanks. For example, add rust or make it shinier.
  • A new button will be available so players can disable all non-historical elements. It will also be possible for the player to see its own customizations and hide the ones from other players.
  • New customization system will only be available for Premium Tier VIII and all Tier X vehicles to start.
  • New customization system is planned to come with Update 9.21, but this can change depending on test results.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: New Customization System Information

  1. “New purchase system is planned, instead of 7 and 30 days, camouflages will be bough for X amount of battles.”

    This is totally amazing for me. I only play on weekends and often change tanks. Few battles here few battles there. I always face choice between putting myself at disadvantage by not having camo or doing very uneconomical purchases. Love this change.

  2. For me, all in black, for sure ^^
    I have 14 tier 10 and another one unlocked but don’t wanna buy it, it’s a crap (Rhm Pz). I will paint them all in black.

  3. Glad there is a ‘hide’ button, but such a shame ‘Mr Pink Elephant’ won’t know I think his taste in tanks is abominable.

  4. I didn’t say, WG said that and I just said what they said 😀 But yeah, seems we are getting pink in the colours available, but no black.

  5. Anyone know if you’ll be able to customize things like T34 B, Is-6 B, M 41 90mm GF, and AMX 13 57 GF? I would love to make my B tanks something other than black.

  6. How about getting some new european working servers. Getting your **** contactlist bug to work again and taking some ****ing care of your paying customers… before creating more premium **** for people to buy…

  7. I see Green colours. My Leopard 1 is getting an accurate base colour when I get my hand on this!

  8. My best guess is they didn’t want to make the buyers of T34B’s, IS-6B’s and Schwarzpanzers mad by making it possible to have any tank in black. I feel like there IS a way around this though… just convert the tanks to standard versions and give them the black paint for free, if they have both versions, refund the black version with it’s worth in gold, and do the same with the free black paint.

    It’s a simple workaround to enable all players to have black tanks.

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