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World of Tanks (NA): Weekend Events

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Ready for the weekend? If you play in the NA region, there is a lot of events going on at the same time for you to enjoy. If you missed anything, here’s a convenient list of events, special offers, missions and more during the weekend:

  • Free XP to Crew XP Conversion: 1 Free XP = 20 Crew XP* (until Feb. 3)
  • Tank Rewards: Love is a Battlefield (until Feb. 26)
  • Dynasty Wars Event (until Feb. 13)
  • Lunar New Year Event (ongoing; until Feb. 4)
  • Twitch Prime with Care Package Mike (ongoing; until Mar. 4)
  • Tank University: Light Tank Missions (until Mar. 1)
  • Tournament Missions (until Mar. 1)
  • Sherman VS Firefly Offers (until Feb. 21)
  • KV-220-2 Offers (until Feb. 21)
  • Object 244 Offer (until Feb. 22)
  • 30 Days Premium Account, Free Valentine II, and More Offer (until Mar. 1)
  • Tank Mastery Missions: Wave 1 (Start Feb. 2 until Feb. 9)

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