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World of Tanks (NA): TL-1 LPC & Pretty Fly Style Winner

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Give It to Me Baby! And we did! Thank you all for entering the last giveaway, but I wanted just to give a quick warning. I had to invalidate 7 winners before a valid entry could be picked, the reason: EU accounts. The giveaway clearly stated the tank would be credited into an NA account, and as the tank was being credited by WG NA, we could only select a valid NA account as a winner. For all those who entered and didn’t have an NA account, please read the rules before entering.

Without any further ado, we can announce the winner was:


Wargaming NA staff has been noticed you have won the tank, and you shall receive it within a couple of days your brand new tank, with the Offspring 3D style in your account. Thank you, everyone, who participated, and stay tuned for more giveaways soon.