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World of Tanks (NA): TL-1 LPC & Pretty Fly Style Giveaway

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Give It to Me Baby! Want to get your hands on a TL-1 LPC with the Pretty Fly style? Do you have an NA Region World of Tanks account? Then what are you waiting for?

North America Server Giveaway

Make sure you have an NA account, as I do not have a tank to giveaway to any other region. To enter, the rules are simple, just follow the steps below on Gleam, how hard can it be? The more steps you complete, the more chances you have to win. Good luck!

TL-1 LPC & Pretty Fly Style Giveaway

Rules & Conditions


  • Giveaway will run from 1 OCT 2019 at 07:00 PM (CET+1) to 3 OCT 2019 at 06:59 PM (CET+1).
  • Participants must have a valid NA Wargaming account.
  • Participants must enter a valid name and email to be contacted.
  • Participants must complete all mandatory entries.
  • Participants aren’t required to complete any of the extra entries, but by doing so they acknowledge they will have fewer chances to win the prize.
  • The winners of the giveaway will be selected randomly and will be contacted by email.
    • In case the winner doesn’t reply to the email, a new winner can be randomly selected.
  • The owner of the giveaway can exclude any entry with a valid reason.
  • Any incomplete entry will be nullified.


4 thoughts on “World of Tanks (NA): TL-1 LPC & Pretty Fly Style Giveaway

  1. Now we just need the AC/DC T-59 and the Taylor Swift Lorraine!
    Funny, the game gets sillier and sillier and still says “realistic tank game” in the website…

    Still, gotta give credit to WG for not introducing a crazy OP premium for once (maybe because it’s not russian one) and I hope the keep adding balanced tanks.

    1. LOL! Love the “maybe because it’s not a russian one”

    2. It’s a 3D style, you can remove it and just see the regular TL-1 LPC or even if you have the “hide unhistorical” option on, you won’t even see it at all.

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