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World of Tanks NA: May Overview

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VE Day, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day — Wargaming got them all covered (in addition to some top-secret surprises) in the month of May!


May Overview

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On May 8, the Berlin Quartet returns in a modified package – The Berlin Five! We’ve also got some surprises up our sleeve, we can’t reveal quite yet (if we did, they wouldn’t be a, um, surprise)! Make sure and check back each Thursday for our latest sale.

Memorial Day, VE Day, Cinco De Mayo, and other important dates are featured in our weekend events, including special missions, XP bonuses, and more!

  • May 4-7: Assault Missions, Cinco de Mayo x2 Crew XP Weekend
  • May 8-15: Top Secret (Hint: Keep an eye on your Garage)
  • May 11-14: x3 XP Weekend
  • May 18-21: Missions + x2 Crew XP Weekend
  • May 25-29: Memorial Day Weekend Special

May is the anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, when Allied forces accepted Germany’s unconditional surrender in 1945. We’re also noting a 1977 movie release that changed cinema history.

  • May 4-7: May the Fourth be with You
  • May 8-9: VE Day Celebration

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles. This month we show you how to earn Tier X American and Soviet heavy tanks.

  • May 11-25: T57 Heavy Tank
  • May 25-June 8: IS-7

Get an “Ace Tanker”Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock three special emblems:

May 4-14: Wave 1

  • Type 5 Ke-Ho
  • Grant
  • B1
  • T110E3

May 11-21: Wave 2

  • Rheinmetall Panzerwagen
  • T-34-2
  • Kranvagn
  • StuG III Ausf. G

May 18-28: Wave 3

  • Valentine
  • Type 1 Chi-He
  • VK 30.01 (H)
  • SU-100M1

May 25-June 4: Wave 4

  • WZ-132
  • AMX 30 B
  • VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. B
  • Jagdpanzer E 100