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World of Tanks NA: March Overview

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March will bring Update 1.0 and a lot of events for all the North American server players, and it will also bring a brand new Premium tank. Now, no details about this new Premium has been shared, but Wargaming did mention we would be able to use the Christmas special crew for the upcoming Tier VIII Italian Premium tank, could it be this new tank coming?

The Christmas event stated we should be able, if you didn’t already, to recruit the female crew members up to mid-March, after that you will lose them if you didn’t get them. Remember that Alexey “Inaki” Ilyin, Product Manager WOT PC, did give a hint that we would be able to use them for the new Italian tank… Of course, this is just me speculating and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to confirm my suspicions yet, but it could actually be it. We will have to wait and see.


K9 Special Missions

Dogs are soldiers, too: Celebrate canine combat contributions with a discount on the M41 Walker Bulldog and special missions that yield XP, consumables, and more! You must be in a Schwarzpanzer 58, M41 Walker Bulldog, T-34-85 Rudy, or Panzer 58 Mutz to play the missions; if you don’t have any of those tanks, the Mutz goes on sale Mar. 1!

  • Mar. 10-14: K9 Veteran’s Day

Premium Tank Sales

March introduces a new vehicle to World of Tanks and another chance to pick up two tanks featured in December’s Advent Calendar!

  • Mar. 1-14: Panzer 58 Mutz
  • Mar. 8-19: VK 168.01 Maurebrecher
  • Mar. 15-26: T92
  • Mar. 22-Apr. 9: New Premium Vehicle
  • Mar. 29-Apr. 4:  Tiger 131 + TOG II*

Special Sales

Bundles of Personal Reserves, Premium time, Gold, Credits, and more are available throughout the month, including the monster Super War Chest!

  • Mar. 1-8: Triumvirate
  • Mar. 8-15: Premium Boosts
  • Mar. 15-22: Super War Chest
  • Mar. 22-29: Just Enough

Special Weekend Events

  • Mar. 2-5: Supply Raid Missions + x2 XP Weekend
  • Mar. 17-21: St. Patrick’s Day Special
  • Mar. 23-26: Supply Raid Missions + x3 XP Weekend
  • Mar. 30-Apr. 2: Supply Raid Missions + x2 Crew XP Weekend

“On Track” Missions

Get on the fast track to top-tier vehicles. This month we show you how to earn a Tier X medium tank, heavy tank, and a tank destroyer!

  • Mar. 2-16: Leopard 1
  • Mar. 16-30: T57 Heavy Tank
  • Mar. 30-Apr. 13: Object 268

Weekly Deals

Get an edge during combat with these weekly specials on Gold, Premium time, and other goodies.

  • Mar. 3-12: Earn
  • Mar. 3-19: Advance
  • Mar. 15-26: Expand
  • Mar. 22-Apr. 2: Boost
  • Mar. 29-Apr. 4: Earn

Tank Mastery Missions

Get an “Ace Tanker” Mastery Badge on the following tanks to unlock three special emblems:

  • Mar. 2-12: Wave 1: Pz.Kpfw. 38 (t) n.A., WZ-120, AMX 50 100, AT 7
  • Mar. 9-19: Wave 2: A-20, Strv 74, T-10, T110E4
  • Mar. 16-26: Wave 3: Bat.-Châtillon 12 t, Renault G1, Pz.Kpfw. VII, ARL V39
  • Mar. 23-Apr. 2: Wave 4: Pz.Kpfw. II Luchs, T-44, IS, AMX 50 Foch
  • Mar. 30-Apr. 9: Wave 5: M24 Chaffee, Konštrukta T-34/100, AMX 50 120, AT 15

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  1. Is t57heavy getting replaced with t77?.please leak this info if its true!

  2. I just saw couple of russian channel on utube they told of t57 getting replaced with t77.

  3. Umm…The T77 is the T57 because the T77 project was canceled in 1957. WG probably not wanting to cause confusion with the actual T77 russian tank decided to implement the T77 under the T57 name.

    There is another project they could use which was actually called the T58 that used a 155mm autoloader though few details exist for that design..

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