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World of Tanks (NA): ISU-130 Early Access

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World of Tanks has some rare tanks who usually were just given to a handful of players, like Moderators or other contributors to the game. The Soviet tank destroyer ISU-130 was one of those tanks, up until recently when it was sold on ASIA region and now on Early Access for NA players.


Early access is a somewhat new feature for Premium Account holders, who can buy new upcoming vehicles sooner than non-paying players. The ISU-130 is available in four different packages exclusively for three days, before it’s available for the general player base.


Starting at $59.21, the ISU-130 is a somewhat underpowered vehicle, while it might look like a regular ISU but equipped with a 130 mm gun, the tank destroyer has less mobility, less penetration and less durability.

Not everything is bad, gun handling is better, damage per minute is better and it has more base view range, but overall the regular ISU-152 is better than the ISU-130. If you are a die-hard collector, then it might be a vehicle you don’t want to miss out.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks (NA): ISU-130 Early Access

  1. 60 Bucks just for an underwhelming Tier VIII TD (187 premium pen XD …) This is really only for die-hard collectors and/or serial IQ test failures.

  2. Yet I still belive that basicaly this is close to how prems should look – marginaly worse than tech counterparts with own specifics like gun stats here. Maybe Im still living in pre-defender era it seems.
    Kind of high price-tag and very high number of prem- vehicles makes “collecting” kind of inaccessible so even tho I consider myself to be collector in most games I dont even try to be here.

  3. actually this thing is similair to the SU 100Y in terms of permium shells, cuz just like the box tenk, premium shells have less pen but more dmg.

  4. Finaly its the proof its probaly comming to the eu server the day i can complete my collection is close because i almost have all premium tanks except su 76 i that was sold once previous year for 1800 euro i lost that bed too bad my ingame name is greenmaskenergy for peeps who think im bluffing

  5. True, however SU-100Y has a 196 pen on standard round. It is a LOT on thier VI let this monster fight even with the VIII. Personally I like that mechanism, that prem ammo has less pen but more dmg. It lets to choose shells more consciously. Hope will be able to get ISU-130 also on other servers.

  6. The person who send me the image is from Canada, might be Canadia Dollars 😀

  7. starting Price is $46.99, IDK were he got his numbers but they are wrong

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