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World of Tanks NA: Alpine Tiger Coming Soon

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World of Tanks NA will be getting a special surprise tank on February 15th. Until now we could only guess what it was but we can now confirm a special Tier VIII tank is going to be on sale: Chinese heavy tank WZ-111 Alpine Tiger.


This tank was only available in China and SEA regions before, but if you are a fan of it and play in the NA region, you will be able to get it in your hangar.

Surprised? I personally was hoping we would get a new tank, not just a reskin of the Chinese Tier VIII heavy tank WZ-111, but with the recent mini-marathon fiasco in the EU region, it’s not a big surprise Wargaming isn’t releasing a new tank. Still, for all fans and collectors out there, this might be a rare opportunity to get a special edition WZ-111.

WZ-111 Alpine Tiger Preview


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks NA: Alpine Tiger Coming Soon

  1. Why we just have Valentine II when other server have some really special tanks….

  2. What exactly was the “fiasko” you are talking about? Did I miss something? Please enlighten me.

  3. I might add: I thought the current marathon is pretty fine. I don’t have the Valentine II yet and for those laughable missions I take it and all the boosters and garage slot that come with it as well. I can’t see a fiasko there. After all it comes free for almost no h***le.

  4. Same here erazor, the marathon missions required no work and could be done in 1-2 games. I did them in a Chinese tanks and got the x3 xp the EU is giving for all victories in a Chinese tank during Chinese New year. A few minutes a day for a week = Free premium tank, slot and boosters (and you get another booster when playing the first game in the new tank) Looks like a bargain to me.

    The fiasco was really a lot of players whining and complaining for no reason. They thought the tank we are getting free isn’t good enough. True the Matilda isn’t that good but free is free and I’m happy enough. I’ll wait for later this year when a WG start up a full scale marathon.

  5. My main issue was the tank and the lame excuse: “We don’t want to be unfair with other regions, so we had a mini marathon where you can get a Valentine II”… While the NA had a marathon where they could get not one, but THREE Tier VIII Premium tanks for free, SEA had a marathon to get the WZ-111 Alpine Tiger, etc. Yes it was a fiasco, and while I agree free is free, they could have done a little bit better in terms of the tank reward.

  6. Fellas any idea if WoT is planning to sell the “cat” on the EU server soon?

  7. I believe the reason why NA gets more gifts compared to EU is because NA has fewer players and WoT is trying to make the game more popular…. but you are right a lame excuse is a lame excuse, and WoT should stop doing that. I wouldn’t mind paying money for the “cat”.

  8. The Alps are in Europe, and there aren’t any Tigers living there. The only Chinese tanks that fought in the mountains were the ones that invaded Tibet in 1950. Of course, had they named this “Tibetan Tiger” the Chinese would have lost it.

  9. alpine doesnt refer to alps. if you would check a dictiony, alpine is an adjective meaning relating to mountains. in other words alpine tiger is just a mountain cat.

  10. I think because the 14th of february is valentines day, not t25 pilot or wz111 day. Probably because dont sound that romantic for most peeps 😉

  11. I think it was a good valentines day marathon but they should really do another t8 premium marathon and some small cw campaigns this year

  12. Tank looks cool. But the WZ-111 is not worth in the current meta or tier 8 MM with 175 pen. Even with 250 HEAT. So It would be a no go even if it was sold on EU. I don’t even touch the normal WZ-111 as it’s mostly useless.

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