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World of Tanks – Murazor Shopping List

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Murazor decided to go shopping and created a shopping list, fortunately for us, we were able to leak it:

  1. Riffled Bananas, so they work better as ammo;
  2. Oranges with Grenade Pin, will distract enemy thinking it’s not an actual grenade;
  3. Lunch for Thursday, have dinner with some friends.


Now, for some more serious matter, I’m going to talk about a supposed Murazor Whishlist, for World of Tanks. One thing I have learned over the last twelve months, was that we always have to double check information. The main reason for this, it’s because there is a lot of fake news out there, and we don’t want to be that blog that publishes wrong information, specially the one that can create massive sh*tstorms.

This whishlist even included a complete branch of Premium Vehicles, introduction of smooth bore guns, new types of ammunition and loads more… But how much there is actually true?

The answer is simple: none. The source for those articles is in fact, not Murazor VK profile, but a post in a Murazor TV Group. The small detail none of these articles are telling is, it wasn’t Murazor who posted the article, but one of the admins of that group.

People always have to careful with what they read, if it sounds very controversial and states no sources, then you should always double check that information. Another small hint from the same article is the fact that starts with: “What would I suggest to WG when I were in Cyprus”. Why would Murazor start an article with that statement, if he works for Wargaming?

So, in resume, don’t panic and don’t go mental on Murazor, because even if he did have some controversial statements before, the information currently going around about a possible wishlist is just fake news.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Murazor Shopping List

  1. I knew these suggestions were too clever (apart from the premium tech tree and the smoothbore guns) compared to the work Murazor is doing as the head of the balancing department.

  2. What will probablyly happen:
    -Maus buff
    -Defender buff
    -VK165 as a new premium, with the 150mm
    -goldammo less expensive, but otherwise unchanged
    -more broken Tier 10
    -a new way to introduce hidden P2W


  3. What will probably happen:
    – Wargaming introduces many things that benefit the game
    – They also screw up few things, because it’s unavoidable in development
    – Players completely ignore the former and blow the latter out of proportion because they are a toxic cesspool beyond saving by this point

  4. Yeah, it was totally unavoidable to buff the Object 252 and Chrysler armour before release. It was also unavoidable to remove frontal weakspots from superheavies.

  5. “– Players completely ignore the former and blow the latter out of proportion because they are a toxic cesspool beyond saving by this point”

    Yup, pretty much exactly how I think, we make a big fuss over how this and that tank are “OP PLZ NERF” in the last patch while WoT is getting 20-30 new tanks a year along with maps, physics, etc.

    The best way to have an OP tank patched is to PLAY IT, have fun with it while it’s on top of the foodchain, get great games all the time and when it gets nerfed just go to the next one, that’s called playing the meta. It happened with the WaffelE100, then the E5, now the Maus and Type5, next patch who knows.

  6. The best way to deal with OP tanks, especially the premiums, is to NOT play them. We should not reward WG for stupid **** like the Defender and Chrysler. If the cash stops flowing in, maybe they will pull their heads out of their ***es.

  7. I read the wishlist on that other blog. It surely got me triggered, but some of those things even sounded to stupid for a WG employee.

  8. Well, I was mostly writing this for the lolz, but..
    Now you all participate to the debate, I may write on a more serious note. Indeed, WG is also implementing decent changes (arty, per ex) and people are indeed incredible whiners (cry for arty changes ,then cry once it is changed). However, without being biased or whiing, I would change “lots of good changes, few ****ups” by “as much ****ups as good changes”.
    I feel like for every beneficial change, we get an awful change in return.
    New bonds => they are indirectly P2W for now
    OP T10 tanks nerf => new ones because of buffs
    fix to a problematic mechanic (goldammo) => fixed the wrong way (no goldammo nerf, but super strong armor that is immune to regular rounds)
    new MM and pref MM for Tier 3 => Tier 8 is now fcked up
    new LT MM => T10 russian meds are still better lights than T10 lights. wtf?
    The list goes long. :/

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