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World of Tanks – Murazor on IS-4 Branch Changes

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Hello everyone,

You might remember Murazor has mentioned a big change for the IS-4 branch in a recent Q&A. He has now confirmed his plans to change the branch and move the IS-4 back to Tier IX.

Not a lot of details have been shared, but currently developers are talking about changing the entire branch and the possibility of introducing ST-II into the game.

Please remember this information is unconfirmed and not definitive that will make it to the live server.

Source: WOT Leaks VK

Possible ST-II 3D model

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Murazor on IS-4 Branch Changes

  1. Also they will add BFG guns on British destroyers, laser accuracy on german tanks (so u can snipe from spawn point), kamikaze tanks for chinese and japanese branches, 1 speed forward and 12 in reverse for french branch and also some UFOs and RATTE 1000.

  2. Nice 2 guns! lose credits x2 faster! XD

    The posibility of load an He in a gun and Ap in the other?
    That will make more sense than shooting the 2 guns at same time.

  3. Please, I know some of the tanks WG implemented, but at least the ‘what if’ tanks somewhat resemble reality. The ST-II is a completely fake fantasy tank. If they are going to implement that, we’ll never see the end of it.

    And I know I said gameplay before realism, but this is stretching it a bit.

  4. I’m not really keen on it too… Not sure why these changes, for me the IS-4 line is fine, don’t understand the need to change it.

  5. No, but I don’t see the need or the point in adding this tank to the game. But it still discussions so nothing set on stone yet.

  6. There is close to NO information available on any such project. Even paper projects usually have more info on them. You can find more information on Japanese tanks and even that is sketchy at best.

    So yes, until I see some real confirmed evidence by someone known and reliable in the field, I am still going to ***ume that is fake.

  7. Oh, and Yuri Pasholok is NOT that someone. I think I know what you are referring to, but since he never actually published any more info after supposedly ‘finding’ that drawing in the archives, I’d still like to see more concrete info before I will believe it. He has made up tanks before and claimed they were real.

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