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World of Tanks: Mod Hub

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The first step towards a cheat/illegal mod free game is done, World of Tanks Mod Hub is now live. For a long time, players have requested a central hub, where we could download approved game modifications, worry-free that we aren’t installing cheats or illegal modifications, it took some time, but we finally got it.

The World of Tanks mod hub is the place to find all the new and best mods. Its simple and straightforward interface allows for quick browsing, while submission requirements ensure mods you choose to install are good to use. Also, you can submit your developments at any time to check whether they fit the Fair Play policy criteria. Extensions that pass the check will feature on the mod hub, where tankers can discover and download other players’ creations without worrying about policy violations.

What’s this check?

  • Stage #1: We make sure modifications don’t contain bugs, have no critical impact on performance, aren’t forbidden, and work correctly. Having ticked all the boxes, a mod becomes available for download.
  • Stage #2: Upon achieving a certain number of downloads, a mod undergoes more thorough stability and performance testing. If any issues arise, it is sent back to its creator for improvement. Modifications that successfully pass the test will be marked by a green check to show they are verified.

Only one more step missing: closing the game to any external modification. Once that is implemented, we can be assured that everyone only uses approved mods.

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Mod Hub

  1. “he first step towards a cheat/illegal mod free game is done”??? this mods are full of extra help to players, how is this not considered cheat ?? to do something about cheats, was to wipe out the mods and the xvm once and for all. Ridiculous this news

  2. I truly wish I could hide my stats. I have a WN8 rating of 2050. I notice when I get singled out in my tank, because I’ve played alternate accounts before and… I never get looked at because most alternate accounts are just… baaaaaaad. It’s so damn easy it’s not even funny.

  3. First step towards a cheat-free / illegal-mod-free is done.
    You know sugar-free? It means no sugar. This one works the same way.

  4. If only I could delete my previous ingenious comments :v
    Not all mods are bad. Some are music mods, visual mods for example, or garage mod (More options of how you categorize your tanks). Not sure about spotted and unspotted enemy though. In-battle XVM is definitely a no-go.

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