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World of Tanks: Mauerbrecher coming soon!

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Prepare your wallet, the VK 168.01 is coming! The clown version is called Mauerbrecher and is coming soon, Wargaming just confirmed it.  If this happens it would be the second novelty tank coming during the Advent Calendar. Aside from it and the T92 Light Tank, there wasn’t anything new released during the event, all tanks until now have been expected and not many were even worth to get.

I would expect both versions to be sold soon on the Premium Shop, as it has been the norm since the players uprising against Wargaming policy of releasing tanks only with a paint job.

But will this tank be worth its price tag? It really depends if you like to play with the VK 100.01, if you do then you might want to get it as it plays very similar, if you don’t like slow vehicles then you won’t be missing out.


15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks: Mauerbrecher coming soon!

  1. Harkonnen, what do you think of this superheavy meta? I think it’s damaging the game…

  2. This is a truly awful tank, I advise everyone here to avoid it as best they can. Not only does it only have 5 hp/t, the cupola is m***ive and only 150mm thick, and there’s a huge round section on the upper plate that’s only 140mm thick. This thing is almost as badly armoured as a KV-5.

  3. Current prem tanks as lor or patriot have plain pen of 230, making this whole tank a close range piniata. Even the turret cheeks you can easy pen

  4. Man I wanted to buy this tank. Grinding the PZ VII H and have the Maus and E100. They gave it a couple of mini buffs, but with no pref mm this thing is going to get swallowed whole by t9 and t10 gold spam. Got the Lowe yesterday instead.

  5. in case if you didn’t know it; WG buffed this thing stats to acceptable rate.
    its p/w ratio is no longer crappy 5 hp/t, as it’s became to 9.5 hp/t, its hull armor is also decently buffed.
    still, I’d gonna pick VK100 over this

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