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M551A1 Sheridan: Not a replacement for World of Tanks

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For a long time players have been asking for a replacement mode of the M551 Sheridan, even the game developers have openly admitted they wanted it replaced with a more known version of the tank. Yesterday a new M551A1 Sheridan model was published at Art Station, a website where designers showcase their work.

M551A1 Sheridan

Roman Agieiev, a 3D Artist at Room 8 Studio, published some stunning images of the M551A1 Sheridan with a logo with a description “Sheridan M551 for LLP All rights reserved.“. This, of course, lead many to believe a new model of the tank might be coming to the game soon, but will it?

I’ve reached my sources and none of them has heard of any planned replacement for the American branch, even if it’s just the model. Of course, this could still happen, but according to them, usually, these are discussed a few months before but so far, the M551 Sheridan was never a topic of discussion.

The model is quite advanced for the game, while it looks good it has ACAV shields and AN/VSG-2B thermal sights fitted, a late upgrade that in terms of timeline doesn’t fit with what we have in the game. Nonetheless, it still could be used in the game and Wargaming just chose a more stylish look to the tank? But what if this isn’t a replacement, what for could it be used for?

While others might have rushed to their conclusions, you all know that I like to discuss and investigate as much as I can about stuff like this and seems the wait might have paid off.

Today I’ve found more models of other tanks, all created for a Wargaming project, by the same artist and Tymur Tursunov, a Senior 3D Env/Chr Artist at Wargaming. These new models were the M1128 Stryker and M1134 Stryker. Together with these models I’ve found some other compelling evidence the M551A1 Sheridan isn’t going to be released in World of Tanks, neither are any of these other tanks, but that these were models used for the cancelled Project Excalibur.

M1134 Stryker

Not so long ago a video was published on Youtube, soon taken down several times, that contained footage of a game called Project Excalibur and belonged to Wargaming. The leak resulted in a lot of blogs and Youtube channels received legal warnings to take all these videos down because it belongs to Wargaming.

I’ve still found quite a few videos from Russian bloggers, some even quite big World of Tanks Community Contributors, and it allowed me to look for these vehicles and I did find them.

All three vehicles were used in the game footage, meaning these new renders we are now seeing published on Art Station were, in fact, going to be used in Project Excalibur. The M551A1 Sheridan can be seen while being shot down by an attack helicopter, the M1128 Stryke is visible when showing the flash grenades feature and the most obvious one, the M1134 Stryker, can be seen several times during the video and identified by the two frontal numbers “25DD-DV52” and “AT-22”.

Project Excalibur has been proper cancelled, I’ve talked with several sources and they all have confirmed it’s now a dead project. One of the comments that most intriguing comments I’ve received about the game were that Wargaming had spent a small fortune in the game, enough to finance a small country and that after two years developing it, nothing new was getting out of it, ultimately leading to its cancellation.

This doesn’t mean Wargaming can’t recycle the M551A1 Sheridan model and use it for World of Tanks, but as my sources said, there aren’t any current plans to do it, for now, meaning we might have to wait quite a long time before it does get replaced.

M1134 Stryker

M1128 Stryker

Source: Artstation


15,466 thoughts on “M551A1 Sheridan: Not a replacement for World of Tanks

  1. Wot needs to divide the game into 3 separate eras. Develop a time line of early, mid, and late to limit tanks availability by years available. No way in hell should early 40s armor have to fight 60s armor be in a match. Second: fix the ballistics effectiveness of large guns on light tanks. An SPIC would never survive a hit from a 155 mm round. But in the new nurfed world of Wot it happens every game.

  2. World of Tanks was never designed to be a simulator 🙂 But yet, not just that tank, loads of light tanks could be reduced to pieces with some calibre shells they get hit in the game 😀

  3. Those are all likely for their next game, the so called Project Excalibur. Or whatever it is, WoT 2.0 modern tank thingers.

    But honestly, does the Sheridan REALLY need that gigantic MG shield? I mean its bad enough when the enemy can SEE you well before you even can peer over a cliff to shoot back lol.

  4. Did you read the article? I clearly gave info on Excalibur status: cancelled. 😀 The reason why the Sheridan has the machine gun and all that is because in Excalibur you could use it to take down helicopters and light vehicles.

  5. WG Seattle was making this until it was shut down and the project was transferred to Minsk for finishing.
    Source : REMOVED

    At the moment there is still little known, some sources claim that production was abandoned by WG, and others that it may still be in production.
    Source : REMOVED

    The game was launched by Wargaming Seattle, but since the closure of the studio, the development is now based in Minsk! We apologize for this misstep.
    Source: REMOVED

    and i found many many website person ect who say “the game is cancel” “the game is in devlopement” every source never go i n the same direction .

    if wargaming invest so much money and time and person why they cancel ? and who is your source ? they are official ? a dev ? a colaborator of wargming ? a investissor ? because you say your source tell you it was cancel but its official ? a link maybe ? because i can tell i have souce who tell me he will be at gamescom (i have no source its for the exemple ) and never see a “pre alpha” mention in any video who as leak so maybe he is more advance that

    Conclusion : who is your souce and if you have a link to this article or any proof because your acticle mean nothing and if you have no proof dont say to the person its the next WG game its cancel

  6. I wasn’t aware that game had been canceled. This is quite a big letdown, as I much prefer modern vehicles and Armored Warfare is… well, not amazing.

  7. First of all, your links were removed for obvious reasons. Now to your points, you ask me my sources and yet you use a dubious blog known for publishing fake news AND not stating any sources… these same sources claim the project was moved to Minsk, without any source… lol… ok. Now for what I know, and this was told to me by someone who worked closely with the project but for obvious reasons I can’t just name him/her: the project has been completely cancelled. You ask for a link from a conversation I had in person? LoL. Game might come back in the future, long run, but not any time soon. For now, its yet another project WG spend a lot of money and ended up in nothing. Want to know if I’m trustworthy? Check previous posts I have made about the release of PL tanks, also from a secure source, and many many other examples in the blog. Maybe you are new here, I don’t know, but I have a reputation to keep and I never publish anything without checking it as I don’t publish fake news.

  8. Yeah, only had confirmation a few weeks ago myself, as I was very curious about the game. Seems for now, we won’t be able to play it at all any time soon.

  9. How many game fails have they had in the last five years? Churning out junk while their flagship game rotted from neglect. Sad.

  10. if you want realism then tanks should pretty die within 1-2 penetrating hits.

  11. Neglect by who? All WG projects have different teams behind them. They’re not throwing all the resources in one basket forgetting about other ones.

  12. What the hell are you talking about man, you are just talking nonsense since WOT is in no way neglected.

  13. Personally, I’d like if additional tiers were added to include some of the Cold War tanks that were too strong to shoehorn into Tier X.

  14. I can understand why WG cancelled it: they don’t want to be in competition with themselves. There’s a finite number of people wanting to play this style of tank games, and also a finite number of time in the day to play them. Most WoT players aren’t going to want to grind their way through both WoT and a modern tanks version at the same time, and thus would either stick with regular WoT or drop it in favor of Cold War-era WoT.

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