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World of Tanks: M47 Patton Improved Pictures

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WoT Express has published updated screenshots of the VIII 🇺🇸 :MTelite:M47 Patton Improved, which is now present in the Update 1.18.1 Common Test files (as of the second iteration). These show the vehicle with its HD textures + new paint color:

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Likewise, here are the vehicle’s current stats (as of 11 August 2022):

This vehicle was originally named the “M-Project” when it was first introduced onto Supertest, but has since been changed to “M47 Patton Improved” or “M47 Imp.” for short (along with a paint color change, to match the standard US color). The vehicle has the following text descriptions in-game:

Historical Reference:

The M47 Patton Improved was intended as the mass-produced M47 Patton II tank with enhanced armor and a stronger armament. Additional protection is provided by metal screens on the turret and hull, and a 105 mm gun was mounted to increase firepower. The driver’s mate was removed from the crew, and an additional ammo rack took their place.

Long Description:

A Tier VIII Premium American medium tank that can be called a “weighted” representative of the famous American tank series. The spread armor plates allow you to play on the first line of attack, and its powerful gun with perfect penetration leaves no chances for same-tier enemies in face-to-face encounters.

Short Description:

Reliable armor and a powerful gun

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