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World of Tanks Leak: Ranked Battles New Testing Season

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Update 1.13 will bring a new Ranked Battle Season, but this one is for testing! Starting at the end of June, players will be able to play Ranked Battles with a new format and several other changes. Before you get either too excited or angry with any changes, please remember, the upcoming Ranked Season is a single test event, and it’s not part of the future upcoming Ranked Battles 2021-2022. There will no Rank Tokens or new Annual Rewards.

Format Changes

The test Ranked Season will bring a big change in format, where instead of 15 vehicles per team, there will be only 10 on each side (10 vs 10). The idea is to make the format more competitive and in line with other events (Team Clash for example), at the same time, it increases the importance of individual skill, giving you a bigger influence in the battle. This will also give more space for teams to move around maps (the same happens in Team Clash) and use different tactics and the regular Random Battle ones. At the same time, battle duration should increase a bit and the importance of teamwork will be greater.

Another change introduced to the format is the number of SPG and light tanks per team. A maximum of 1 SPG and 2 light tanks per team will be introduced, these changes will affect the matchmaker but will greatly increase the player experience/balance in the battle.

Participating in the upcoming test will still reward players with Battle Pass points:

Top 3 by XP earned75
Top 7 by XP earned53

Because there will be fewer players on each team, the positions that earn you a chevron will also change:

  • Victory
    • Position 1-2: +2 chevrons
    • Position 3-7: +1 chevron
    • Position 8-10: No chevron
  • Defeat/Draw
    • Position 1: +1 chevron
    • Position 2-4: No chevron
    • Position 5-10: -1 chevron

Changes to Progression

One of the main changes will be in the progression system, where the number of chevrons needed to complete each division will decrease from 102 to 94.

  • Division III
    • Rank 7 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons
    • Rank 8 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons
  • Division II
    • Rank 6 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons
    • Rank 7 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons
    • Rank 10 changed from 5 to 4 chevrons
  • Division I
    • Rank 5 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons
    • Rank 6 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons
    • Rank 7 changed from 4 to 3 chevrons

Changes to Roles

A few roles will receive some changes, where they will have different parameters to earn more experience according to the respective role, and a brand new role will also be introduced: versatile heavy tank. The new role will be given to tanks like Super Conqueror or T110E5.

Let’s Talk Rewards

Because this is a test season, no new reward tanks will be available, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something out of it. The previous Ranked Bond Shop deals will be available again, meaning if you missed out on the opportunity to get the Skoda T 45 for 12,500 Bonds or the Kampfpanzer 50 t for 20,000 Bonds, and the usual two 3D styles, you will be able to get them now. Previously accumulated personal discount will be available, but players won’t be able to accumulate new cumulative discounts.

A piece of brand new equipment will be up for grabs too: Improved Compressor. This is a better version of the Turbocharger, and with it, a new directive will also be available called Fuel Filter Replacement. To get these, players will have to get to a League (Bronze, Silver, Gold), they won’t be available if you do not reach them. Other rewards will also be available, Premium Account Days, Bonds, Directives, Credits and Personal Reserves.

What do you think, will the changes improve Ranked Battles or will make them even worse to play? A similar format to Team Clash seems to be a good direction as the event was very popular, especially due to its format. Let us know your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. Do you know if the improved compressor will be given out to players once you finish a division or will have the ability to buy one after completing the division?

  2. change from 15vs15 format to 10vs10, means there are not enough people are interested in ranked battles.

  3. Will the Improved Compressor equipment work as bounty equipment or bond equipment? Is it demountable for gold or bonds?

  4. The one feature I would like to see on world of tanks is one from Cold war where you can see the tanks off in the distance whether they’re on your radar or not I hate disappearing tanks all of a sudden makes no sense

  5. Can we please fix the disappearing tanks like in Cold war world of tanks

  6. They said anything about a new tier IX reward tank yet?

  7. There won’t be one for this upcoming season, only next one.

  8. … which explains the waiting to get into a game. Oh, wait..

  9. it is not available, it would’ve been mine too but I can’t seem to find it

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