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World of Tanks Leak: Military Parade Discounts & Mission

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Curious about this weekend event? Well, you don’t have to wait anymore, we received a secret envelope with loads of information, so you better save up that Gold and Credits if you are planning to buy anything new!

Starting on May 7, through May 11, you will be able to enjoy an event full of nice discounts and bonuses!

Bonus & Discounts

  • x5 XP for your first victory of the day
  • Better XP to Free XP Conversion Rate: 1 Gold = 40 XP.
  • 50% Discount for Tier II-V Premium vehicles
  • 30% Discount for Tier VI-VII Premium vehicles
  • 15% Discount off Gold for Tier VIII Premium vehicles
  • 50% Discount for Tier II-V regular vehicles
  • 30% Discount for Tier VI-VII regular vehicles
  • 15% Discount for Tier VIII-X regular vehicles
  • 50% Discount on Customizations
  • 50% Discount on Consumables
  • 50% Discount on Equipment
  • 50% Discount on Garage Slots


There will be a series of missions you can complete during the event and these missions will reward you loads of the usual goodies:

  • Day World of Tanks Premium Account
  • Large First Aid Kits
  • Large Repair Kits
  • Automatic Fire Extinguishers
  • Combat Rations for all nations
  • Personal Reserves

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15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Leak: Military Parade Discounts & Mission

  1. is this EU server only?? i live in the US , so i am on NA server east

  2. Not only does NA get to experience VE day special from 7th – 11th May 2021, you also get Memorial Day special at the end of the month which EU does not get. In addition the NA “On Track” missions and discounts are hugely superior to the EU “Top of the Tree” equivalent. It is almost worth opening an NA account for the missions and discounts save that the NA server is dead compared to the two EU servers.

  3. Not true on the NA “On Track” being better than the EU “Top of the Tree”. It’s the same ****ty 15% discount and no more free x5 missions after the recent nerf. The only difference is name here.

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